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By Ajplayup
#206926 Ever since joining all I've had was fun on Fruitservers <3 !
The community is very welcoming and is always is willing to help out when you ask.
I joined In September 2020 and have been playing non-stop since. :-D
I live in America but the lag never really tends to bother me <3 <3 overall greet time I've had and can't wait to have more fun playing !

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By Ravioli
#206927 I started playing on Fruit Servers in 2018 - and when Pixelmon came out my love for the server was reignited. The community is so friendly and open to new players, and always happy to assist you if you ever get stuck. If you are looking for a Pixelmon server to make your new home, Fruit Servers is the perfect place for you.
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By PoshKid
#206928 I’m no pixelmon expert, indeed, my knowledge is extremely limited. But I still manage to hop on every Sunday for the ultra fun rental tournaments, believe it or not, the noob that is PoshKid- even won a tournament! I think I won an Agreninja (whatever that is!) The community is so welcoming, even towards the fattest noobs! Love it, highly recommend-10/10 would go again :P
By cameron915
#206934 just cant stop loving the vibe of this Australian server its just so much fun! always something to do like battle the amazing gyms or even battle other players and maybe even join the tournaments fact is there's just so much to do on this AMAZING Australian server.
By RaydnT
#206937 I find Fruitservers the best server i've been on to date. The staff are friendly, the players are friendly. Unlike alot of other servers fruitservers is the first server i've found that has no toxic players which is a factor I love! I definitely thing this is a top tier server and I believe other players that play on it will agree with me.
By LunaBug
#206942 In-game name;OmegaLilith_Luna
Considering that Pokemon & It's surrounding shows, games, & figures haven't been popular since i was in middle school I was so excited when one of my close friends showed me this server. Not only does it emphasize the games ability to be team oriented, but it is so unbelievably friendly... I have a huge passion for games like Pokemon and D&D and its hard being female in the online world. no-one discriminates here! you can be part of the LGBTQA+ community as-well and at least one person will say "me too!" its amazing! and the resource packs are also amazing since I'm a Minecraft player who struggles with pvp its so much more helpful to just have to worry about fall damage I Much prefer being waist deep in thought for a new build.
:-D I also have a large obsession with deerling and i have had so much fun spending time with my friends getting all four!
By AliWali
#206964 My oh my! I have been apart of this fruit salad for 6 years now. First starting on the Survival and gradually making my way around each servers. Fruit Servers have given me friends for life. It is such an inviting and fun server, with helpful staff and bubbly players. If you're looking for some where to spread your ideas, hang out with fun people, Fruit Servers is the server for you.

By AmpharosCosmo
#206965 As soon as I joined everyone was immediately super friendly, the community so far is very comforting. I could not recommend this server enough to anyone looking for a fun pixelmon experience. I've only just started!!, but so far I intend to keep playing :D !!