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By Reflxes
#207012 I only joined this server a few days ago and can already safely say, it is one of my favourite servers to play on. What's not to love! The community is extremely friendly and welcoming and the best part is it's an Australian server! I have no intentions of giving up this server for quite a while and would definitely like to help the server out in future.

-Reflxes :D

By AussZee
#207013 This server, by far has the best active, friendly and fun community of any pixelmon server you'll find, and its Australian ;)

The fruit servers in general are made up of fantastic communities and fun events and staff, and pixelmon has been no different. Its especially great if you are living in Australia or NZ, since events will finally be within a reasonable hour since you're in that timezone, and not at 4am like other servers! With active weekly events and tournaments theres always something to be doing and looking forward for.
By P0lt
#207041 As an American, I really wasn't sure what to think when joining this server which is based in Australia. But immediately after joining, I soon realized that it was one of the best, if not the all-time best server I've ever had the pleasure of logging into!

The community is extremely friendly, which makes the server feel very homely. The mod team are great, active, and nice to talk to. There are events regularly, and the community is growing rather fast.

Despite the server not being based in the country I am from, I experience absolutely no lag playing on fruit Pixelmon, which is mindboggling. I usually experience serious block lag when I play on other American servers.

The only criticism I have for this server is the lack of land claiming. It's always a bit sad to log in only to see my work has been griefed, but the mods usually have it fixed by the same or next day, so this criticism isn't a make or break for me.
Although there isn't land claiming, the checks, pcs, healers, etc, do lock and cannot be broken unless you locka them, so I've never had my chests be raided.

Overall an amazing server, I've never wanted to play Pixelmon as much as I do right now, playing fruit pixelmon.
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By Raqus
Rental's tournament is hosted every single Sunday, 10pm AEDT! All people are invited to come, new and old! Even if it's your first hour on our server, come over to our Tournaments! Everyone is given a selection of Pokémon from a pool and with the Pokémon chosen, you are put into battle as either singles or doubles; everyone has a fair shot at winning. The next Rental Tournament is hosted 31st January, 10pm AEDT. Please come and join in on the fun! :-D

Custom prizes are handed out to whoever remains victorious!
#207057 I used to play pixelmon servers many years ago and I thought they were extinct until I found this server, which has been fun to play with a great community!
I've never once felt like I wasn't welcome here and I appreciate that as a new member of the server! Overall would recommend giving it a go!
By venus960
#207058 I really really love this server, for the simple reason that its so welcoming! Whenever anyone joins, first time or recurring, its common practice to just say hello! It so rare to have a minecraft server community fostered to be so open and accepting, many claim this is the case but very few actually manage to pull that off.

Not to mention it is extremely refreshing to finally have a good ausy server, the lack of lag is a god send when most big names are based in America and no matter how good your internet is its never going to be as fast as our american brethren.

In short I love the community and if your still questioning joining, take it from a rando on the internet, it is well worth it :-D
By EwokPerson
#207060 This server combines two things, peace and Pixelmon. It in itself is an amazing server and runs absolutely cleanly. Due to there not being an overload of people the community has gotten to know each other and bond together over something as simple as a Minecraft mod. This is what you are going to get out of this server compared to others. People actually listen and care about you. You need to know where to find a pokemon? Just ask. On top of all of this it is Australian made and run. I would 100% recommend and it is the server that I play on.