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By Christolaki
#208710 I've been playing on Fruitservers for about nearly two months now and I've absolutely loved every minute playing on here! I'm more of a Pixelmon player currently (big shoutout to the pixelmon gang), but absolute loved the warm welcomes and cheerful attitude all players have when playing on either the Survival, Skyblock, Prison or Pixelmon servers.

We've got a great community here with awesome people, who are always happy to help and answer questions. Join whichever server you like, and I can guarantee you'll have a lot of fun! :-D

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By Raqus
#208720 FriuitLympic Results!
Last weekend, our Survival and Prison server's were tied this year on 29 points in First place with Pixelmon not far behind on a whopping 23 points! In third place, we have our Skyblock server!
BUT WAIT! There's more...

Let us begin our yearly FruitLympic Crafting Competition!
This year, our Skyblock and Pixelmon server will be hosting our yearly FruitLympic crafting competition, with rewards for First, Second, and Third place on both servers.

Our generous prize pool for our First Place ranking players is listed below, with our Second and Third place offering perk vouchers to our store! Get crafting for your choice of either a Steel Series Rival 500 Optical Gaming Mouse, SteelSeries Arctics 5 DTS, RGB Gaming Headset OR $150 to spend on in-game person from our store!
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By Katzyn
#208721 I joined this server about a week ago, and it's been the best MC week ever! Fruitlympics was a blast to watch (I was too shy to participate, but I could have if I wanted to!), and everyone is literally SO friendly on the Pixelmon server! It seems like they have events pretty frequently, either on the Pixelmon server or on one of the other three servers, so it feels very busy and populated!

I think I've found my Multiplayer server home, whether I want to play Pixelmon, Survival, Skyblock, or Prison! <3
By Azzspoke
#208741 Honestly, this server is great. I only began playing two days ago after my previous server shutdown, and I can confidently say this one is 100x better. It has everything, from crates to a wonder trade system, which is personally my favourite. And its Australian! And has players! I definitely recommend this server to anyone who wants to give pixelmon on a server a shot!
#208831 Pretty good server, nice staff. However there is no claiming and its a little annoying that if you pay you can finish everything much faster however this is essential to the servers continued existence and there are less effective free alternatives. But the administration can easily roll back and the server is f2p and you can easily beat everything without paying. Also the staff word hard to provide fun events on monday and tournaments on sunday which is much appreciated. Overall probably a 7-8/10 held back quite a bit by the lag.