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By Raqus
#207088 Weekly Tournaments!
Last week we saw Sopheria take the win with their team of Sirfetch'd, Gengar and a Lapras! All Pokémon provided by the server to participate.

Sopheria won a Shiny Tyranitar, 6iv microscopic from their choice! Tournament winners are given the option to choose their perfect Pokémon for their prize, the IV's, EV's, Size and Shiny (excluding legendaries), other terms and conditions apply.

Come along on the 7th February, 10PM AEDT for your chance to shine! You are given a selection of Pokémon to choose from to battle with, so everyone has a fair chance at winning! See you Sunday!
By Reflxes
#207091 I honestly cannot get enough of this server. It has me coming back every day to join in on the fun. The community is full of great people and I am so honoured to be a part of it!
I hope to continue my love for the server in the near future and am really excited to see the what happens with the pixelmon expansion!
Raqus is underated and deserved SOTM
By DrCub
#207143 Honestly by the far the best if not the best pixelmon server I've played on. I joined just yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was to do and how fun it was aswell. These are some of the things that stood out to me about fruit pixelmon

1. The friendly, helpful & inclusive community.
Most servers claim they are like this but very few actually pull it off. Everyone on the server is always happy to help others, the staff are approachable & people are respectful towards each other which just leads to an all round enjoyable experience that makes you keep wanting to play

2. F2P Progession/Not P2W
Most pixelmon servers have overpowered crates, eggs or gems used to customise a pokemons IVs/stats that can be bought donation store but this is not the case with fruit pixelmon. Most of the donation items/perks are purely cosmetic and the progression you make on the server is based on how much time you invest in, not how much money you put in

3. Inclusive Community Events
Very frequently, the server runs fun events such as a rental tournament where you choose 3 pokemon out of 6 and compete in an elimination bracket style tournament and the winner gets a shiny pokemon of choice with 100% ivs. This is great because the barrier to entry for these events is very low so anyone is able to participate and have fun. No one is toxic towards each other either and everyone just has an all round good time in these events

There's alot more great things I could delve into about the server but writing about it wouldn't do it justice, you're better of experiencing it for yourself. I've never gone out of my to write a review about anything but I had to for this server just because of the positive, enjoyable experience I had and I felt that it deserves more attention for everything it does right. You won't regret playing on it, I sure didn't and I can promise you'll have a good time on this server

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By blueberryviolet
#207144 by fair one of the best pixelmon servers based in Australia. Great stafff team that help you everytime, great, friendly and helpful community with amazing players on almost everyday they will help you start off, help you understand pixelmon and get you going, most servers claim they have a great community but only a limited number of them actually pull it off, and this server is one of them. The server isn't pay 2 win compared to the hundreds of other pixelmon servers that have overpowered items that you get when you pay for them.

I have been playing on this server for quite some time now, and I can say this is one of the best servers ive ever played on, i can promise you, youll have a great time on here and wont ever forget it.

-blueberryvioet :) <3