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By Kolme
#207149 This has been a great server to play on. As an Australian, there isn't a huge amount of modded servers with a good community, but I've felt nothing but welcome on Fruit Servers.

Good staff, good community, and if you're in Australia, very little lag.

The map expansions, instead of a total reset (Which do happen but very rarely, so I'm told), is a great way to have updates and more to explore, without wiping out people's work.

Highly reccomend the server if you're interested in an Australian Pixelmon experience.

- KolmeTheDev
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By TimelessKing
#207169 As an American player on the server, there is little to no lag and a welcoming, friendly community to boot. There are weekly nightly events on Mondays and rental tournaments on Sundays for anyone to join. Recently, there has been map expansion to 15k with more areas and untouched biomes ready to be explored and build upon!
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By FruitServers
#207314 Valentine's Event!
Every year, FruitServers celebrates Valentine's day a little more loudly than other servers that you may have seen... So, we are hosting a Crafting Comp! Custom recipe's for Custom items to give to our one and only Cupid at spawn! Event starts today and ends in about a weeks time.

First place can win between 1 of 3 of these rewards:
Thermaltake RIING Pro RGB 7.1 USB Gaming Headset
$150 to spend on in our FruitServers store! or,
Corsaqir K60 PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Second and Third place winners win vouchers for our store!

Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more Holidays are celebrated yearly with Crafting Competition's on FruitServers!

Will you be participating this year?
By PlethoraTime
#207320 Very nice server for beginners of pixelmon and veterans, good community, and active chat. Steady progressiveness with an achievable end goal for any type of player. I've been playing for around 20+ total hours now and am still finding more and more things to do. There doesn't seem to be any P2W as well which is nice to see, as well as the fact that everything a simple guest can achieve. Of course, there are perks you can purchase but they only supply you with simple commands such as /back /top and a couple of crafting commands. If i could support the server by purchasing a rank i would but anyway if youve read this far many thanks and ill be seeing you on the server <3
By NoisyBabyCreeper
#207355 Have been playing on Fruit Servers for a long time now and when I saw they had pixelmon as an option I had to give it a try. I am officially hooked and have a new favourite game to play in Minecraft.

The community is always friendly and the staff are very good at what they do here and together it all creates an awesome environment I can never get enough of.

Enough goodies for players who don't mind supporting the server financially without being P2W and enough to do otherwise for those who just enjoy playing the game. If you are looking for a great pixelmon server you need to try our community.
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By mybardyisready
#207395 this is such a great n friendly server! most of the mods and members are really nice to play and talk with and with my addiction to pokemon as a whole, i hope this server continues to grow strong! i give this server a high recommendation :)