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By Murderburgerr
#208801 Welcome to PixelOne!
Ryzen 5800x, 32gb Ram Server Dedicated
Server IP:

PixelOne is a 8.2.0 Survival Map with an Adventure Map attached, This server is what I would consider on the Hardcore side of Pixelmon, Instead of just throwing the jar into the server folder I have carefully been tweaking recipes, currency, and other features to make the game a little bit more challenging. Gym Leaders are the best of the best so they have Perfect IV/EV Pokemon, You cannot battle the next Gym town until you have completed the one beforehand. Leveling / Catching are restricted based on the Gym you have beaten. A lot of things have been taken into consideration for this map and a lot more tweaking will be required over time.

*Everyone can use IV,EvS
•IV/EV Command for everyone
•Hardcore (Can't stress this enough)
•Custom Level/Catching
•Custom Adventure Map
•Daily Rewards
•Elite 4
•Biome O Plenty


By neryalpha
#208946 This server is no joke it is 100% hardcore! i love it!! i actually have to have a strategies for each gym its not like " i have a water pokemon so i will 100% win against the fire gym". plus the use of Biomes o' Plenty for the survival side of the server is a wonderful addition and really makes me want to explore both maps. I think everyone should join the server and experience it!!!
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By DaSpud
#209020 Tis very funs, and Pwetty IT HAS PLUSHIES, I has a shiny Ray Ray plushie!
Bosses and Battle Towers for lots of rewards and and PLUSHIES

Oh And Lavender from BOP <3

Gyms are great, leveling and progression is great, Econamy is great, Plushies are great