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By solidnightout

This is not your normal Pixelmon Server. If anyone out there is looking for a real and unique Pixelmon experience. An experience where you don't have everything handed to you, where you don't spawn in with a hotbar full of gear, where you are given shinies from the very beginning. Well, you are reading the correct post.

We provide players with a real pixelmon experience. The mod is meant to be a time consuming and difficult grind, earning everything you collect. This is exactly what PokeVanilla provides. Everyone is equal, there are no donator ranks that provide an advantage over any player. There are no freebies given to anyone. We strive on keeping our experience a friendly, non-p2w community.

PokeVanilla is the most hardcore, non-p2w public server you can find right now. Hunger is enabled, TPA is disabled and Keep-Inventory is off. We currently have a small community of a few hundred members and we host different events every weekend. Come join in on the fun!



By Frenkz
#208872 I just want to vouch for PokeVanilla, Joined them 3 days ago from Complex Pixelmon. Honestly This server is amazing, there's no Pay to win, only good old Vanilla experience.

You can vote for the server, votes will give you the chance at a bit of claim blocks!

We already have a nice little community there, there's always 10-20 people online.
By DeltaTheWize
#211937 Hey, can you re-up the discord invite? Also, when are you going to migrate over to 1.16.5? I'd love to try your server but sadly since trying out the 1.16.5 version of pixelmon can't really go back to the earlier versions. Just the aquatic update alone sells it.