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By GenesisMC
Welcome to PokeGenesis

We offer a multitude of unique and custom features!


What do we currently provide?
- Custom Starter Menu with obtainable shiny starter quests.
- The PokeGear, A feature packed UI to keep you busy.
- A multitude of unique quests and achievements.
- The Frontier.. Gyms, BattleTower, Ev Training, Random Battles and more!
- PokeRaids.. Challenging Bosses to obtain rewards.
- Custom Textures.. Unique and beautiful skins for you to obtain.
- Trophy System... Acheivement based Trophies.
- Cosmetics... For both Players and Pixelmon!
- Shinydex... Can you obtain all Pixelmon in shiny form?
- Unique PixelPoint currency used for PokeBuilder, Shops and more!
- Vast 12k Wild Map generated with Biomes o Plenty!
- PokeArcade... Minigames to spend those PokeCoins on.
- Mines... Keep the wild intact and use our generous mines to gather resources.
- Natural Legend Spawning!
- Global Boosters... increase legend spawning, shiny chances and more!
- Incense and Lures!.. Increase your Pixelmon spawns with these.
- Daily Login and Timebase Rewards
- Community Events!.. Complete server tasks to earn global rewards
- GTS, STS, Wondertrade & many more common favorites.



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By AshNetwork
#210778 This is a really great server! Ive been playing on the server since November, the mod team is great and the community made me feel welcome!. i recommend this server to anyone that just wants to chill out and have abit of fun!