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Cesura League Server

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2022 13:17
by TheHoepfull

My name is Danny and i created this Server the way i think a Pixelmon Server should be.
Together with my Team we've built up 15 Cities on 8 Islands.
I'd be happy to welcome you :) the only thing you need is the newest Pixelmon Mod (8.3.6)
For more information and if you have Questions you can join the Discord or DM me on Discord: Hopefull#5220

*Still searching for some Gym Leaders and Elite 4*

    The Key features are:

    Pure Adventure mode. Pretty much no Survival features at all. You can fully enjoy the Pixelmon itself.

    Player Lead Gym's and Elite 4 with self Trained Pokemon.
    You can take over Gym's if you want to beat out the old Leader or Elite 4 Member.
    The Champion is literally the Champion of the Server so if you wanna be the Champ climb the Ladder to Glory!

    8 Islands with different Biomes.
    Shuttle Service in the Main City to easily come around.
    Corviknight Taxi's between the Capitals of the Islands for easier access.
    Ferry Service between the Islands Ferry Ports.

The Majority of the Map is by Ghost Xavier's Caelitus Archipelago wich im allowed to use by the man himself.

Cesura League Server

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2022 16:47
by TheHoepfull
Updated the post due to Server Changes.