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By SaltedCheese
#213504 Hello Pokemon Trainer! Are you looking for a journey through the pokemon world?
Join us in Blockemon!!!
>Pixelmon 9.1.3
>Weekly Events (lots of unique ones too some are pokemon related some are not!!)
>Battle Tower with Battle LEAGUE
>Player Ran Champion and Elite Four!!!
>We have 3 different regions, The first one:
-The Pilon Region
-Contains many gyms and the professor where you can get your starter gear
-The Dallag Region
-Also contains many gyms and contains the Elite Four
-The Scithon Region
-Contains 4 gyms and the champion arena and the elite four
>We also have many secret regions that include a unique gym
>We have a monthly tournament where you can battle to become the best trainer!!!
>We also need lots of help in video editing, graphic design and many other things!!!
>All extra info and how to join can be found in our discord!!!
>Enjoy your time, we hope to see you succeed in the world of Blockemon and become the very best