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By Xyotic
#243328 Image
Astral Pixelmon!

| EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates |
| Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags |
| Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World |
| Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS |

We are an adult ran/owned Pixelmon server. We encourage family friendly yet challenging fun through various obstacles unique to our Pixelmon server. With a trained staff team of adults who've been playing since they were kids, we can handle any challenge a server might throw at us.

Don't know how to install Pixelmon Reforged? We gotcha covered. I personally use the Curse launcher at
You can also download the mod yourself for 1.16.5 at and install it manually.


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By Xyotic
#243383 It's been a long week for everyone whose been wanting on the server, and an even longer week for me who hasn't had any internet at all whatsoever. However I am thrilled to finally announce IT'S GO TIME! The server is back online after cat-related issues! The shenanigans are ready to ensue, and a free MEGA claim on the webstore is live to go. If you ask me, this is shaping up for a banger of a weekend. I hope to see everyone online for some free items, shenanigans, and chats!
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By Xyotic
#243563 **Changelog (June 15th)**

**Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11**

- HAPPY PRIDE! We have added a FREE pride themed texture to our webstore for everybody to claim. This is only 1 out of 2!
- We are *STILL* looking for new staff members from the community! Hop online, get to know us, and submit an application when you're ready!
- The Shiny Hunt weekend event has concluded and was a success. Congratulations to everyone who participated and got some fun new Pokémon! There will be another one later tonight for our evening set of players!
- We have finally fixed AutoRank after many painstaking restarts. Newer players should notice their time no longer being reset, and older players will notice their time has been restored as well as the leaderboards. While this *has* indicated a rollback, we will be awarding time to our newer players to help them rank up sooner.
- Resource World is now open for business again! ./warp ResourceWorld
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By Xyotic
#243581 **Changelog (June 23rd)**

**Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11**

- We have introduced a referral plugin system. No more automatically needing us to give you items! Just do **/Ref** while in-game to activate the system. Referral rewards *and* milestone rewards are listed here.
- Up-Grade now appears in the evolution items shopkeeper.
- Quaxly's name now shows as bold when viewing the shiny starter crate.
- /Gamble now offers 5x and 10x options of all our spins for our high rollers.
- The /list command now shows which rank group that each player is apart of.
- Baby Pokemon, Fossil Pokemon, and a few of our custom pokemon we missed have all been added to the blacklist for Pixelmon Bingo.
- Summer of Astral Claim #2 on the webstore has been fixed *again* and will be left online for the week for players to acquire.
- Happy Pride!! Our second FREE pride claim has been added to the webstore! Make sure to navigate to the free section and get this exclusive custom texture.
- Team Aqua and Team Magma have been condensed into a singular new role; Team Obsidian. This change is reflected in-game, on discord, and on the webstore.
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By Xyotic
#243614 **Changelog (July 5th)**

**Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11**

- Canada Day / July 4th sale has started on our webstore and will end on July 8th.
- Giveaway has started in our discord for FREE custom in-game textures.
- Summer of Astral Free Claim #3 is now live on the "FREE" section of the webstore.
- Shulker Boxes have been fixed and can now be placed again.
- Gender changes have been added to /Pokebuilder.
- Chisels can now be purchased as a money-sink in AstroMart for $10,000,000 Poke-Dollars.
- Ability costs in Pokebuilder has been increased to 200 tokens, but hidden ability costs have been decreased also to 200.
- Raids have been fixed to spawn every 4 hours instead of every 12 hours.
- Updated rewards for Astral Raids across the board.
- The Game Corner (/Gamble) has recieved a fix to its former pokemon themed state.
- Discord pokemon has been moved into #catch-em-all channel.
- Added "Summer of Astral Free Claim #4" to the webstores "FREE" section.
- Updated in-game referral plugin to give 2 hours instead of 30 minutes before expiring.
- Updated the design of the rule board at spawn with an image based rule list.
- Added banner patterns to our in-game AstroMart.
- Reintroduced Trails as part of our in-game rewards. Any prior ones earned are retroactive.
- Evolution Stones have been added to the Evolution Items shopkeeper in /warp AstroMart.
- Since we have a datapack to use type gems for breeding items; Type Gems have been added to the Breeding Item shopkeeper in /warp AstroMart.
- Regieleki has been fixed in the legendary crate to now properly be awarded.
- Updated Zygarde Cell Fix datapack.
- Switched from forge world edit to bukkit world edit.
- Added a skript to potentially disable creative flight upon joining.
- We have been slowly turning over the old crates system into a new one with tons of unique animations. Please feel free to turn in any old keys you find for new ones!
- Added a marriage plugin for the couples on the server! Feel free to show your love to someone with /marry!
- Added a premium (paid) survival games plugin for when we host events on the server.
- Announced a Survival Games event on <t:1720402200:F> for prizes, shenanigans, and victory!
- Slap plugin has been added back for anybody found causing shenanigans. *This means you, DuckleThe3X.*
- We have added role-style notification updates. Subscribe to #announcements and #changelog in #first-join.
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By Xyotic
#243630 **Changelog (July 14th)**

- To celebrate Xyotic’s birthday, a free claim has been added to the webstore for everybody to enjoy! Run /buy while in-game and then navigate to the free section.
- We have welcomed our newest staff member, Puppy, to the team! Congratulations @goodlilpuppy!
- Due to popular request, we have added individual commands available for purchase on the webstore.
- We have added "Summer of Astral Free Claim #5" to the webstore. Run /buy while in-game and then navigate to the free section.
- /Slap and /Rocket have had their broadcast messages disabled, but the individual ones remain.
- Have added individual chat channels for the various towns on the server to discord.
- We have re-enabled ChestShop due to player request of starting their own shops.
- Gholdengo Spin has been updated to the Legendary Spin. /Gamble away at 50k PokeDollars per shot.
- Survival Games event has had kits removed to keep everything fair.
- Gave staff the permissions to start a survival games whenever they wish.
- Renamed /warp AstralRaids to /warp Raids.
- Hunger decay has been re-enabled.