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By Kuwoobie
#243359 SERVER IP:

CURRENT SERVER VERSION: Minecraft: 1.12.2 (Forge Pixelmon: 8.4.3


This is the Kanto Pokemon League!

Welcome to the Official Discord of the Kanto 1997 Pokemon League! Here we will outline what our server is about and what you can expect upon joining:

A 4x1 Scale Recreation of Kanto from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow!
All Pokemon, NPCs, trainers and items from the gen 1 games in their respective positions!
NO LEVEL LIMIT! NO LEVEL CAPS! (I will explain below)
NO Pay 2 Win features
Player Ranks!
Minecraft Survival World (kept apart from Pokemon)
Player Driven Pokemon League! (8 Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champion)
In-game economy and player market
Survival Minecraft world


A Different Kind of Pixelmon Server

This is a tightly controlled game environment where no one will be cheesing their pokemon to max level overnight or hording millions of dollars in-game with a giant factory farm.

First of all, there is no obtainable maximum level. Your pokemon will be as strong, or weak as you allow them to be. There is no true limit to how powerful they can become, but know there are diminishing returns. The higher your pokemon's level is, the less it will make a difference. (Think about the difference between level 1 and level 10, and the difference between level 90 and level 100.) A level 700 pokemon will surely be more powerful than a level 120 pokemon, but ultimately your team balance and skill as a trainer will prevail in a battle!


Gym Leaders

Players who are chosen to be official Kanto Pokemon League Gym Leaders will be given a unique role on the server based on the Gym they represent. They will be supplied with badges and TMs to distribute to players who defeat them in an official Gym Battle! Here are the guidelines based on what is expected of every gym leader:

Capture and raise your own MONOTYPE TEAM (for instance, Pewter must use Rock Types.)
Schedule battle appointments with challengers (best if you battle on Monday Twitch streams!)
Award your designated Gym Badge and TM to players who win against you
Each Gym Leader will be given access to a space in their gym to decorate as they see fit

When you become a Gym Leader, you are representing the server and our community. You are expected to carry out your duty in a professional manner. It is your job as a Gym Leader to test the limits of trainers who seek to become Pokemon League Champion. You are expected to challenge them to the best of your ability, but not to stop them at all costs. Gym Leaders who try to cheat or rip off challengers who defeat them will be demoted and replaced. Remember: You have nothing to lose from losing to a challenger. Just do your best and be a good sport about it.


Becoming Champion

Players who manage to defeat all 8 Kanto Gym Leaders will move on to the Indigo Plateau to face off against the Elite 4.

Unlike the Kanto Gyms, the Elite 4 can CHOOSE what Pokemon Type they want their team to be, though it must still be Monotype. Elite 4 are still expected to catch and raise their own team.

Players who defeat ALL FOUR Elite 4 in an official Kanto Pokemon League Battle will be named CHAMPION!

Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champion will all enjoy their own special rank on the server and here on the Discord!

Should the Champion (or any GL or E4) become inactive for more than ONE WEEK, they will LOSE THEIR STATUS and be REPLACED! (If you are sick or traveling IRL and need special accommodation we WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR YOU as long as you TELL US.)

In the event that a GL or E4 are absent, either myself, @Infinite , or another staff member may fill in for the role if needed.


General Server Tips

Defeat or capture wild pokemon in Kanto to receive items you can sell to PokeMarts for $$$
Use in-game $$$ to /rankup (see /ranks in game) or buy items from PokeMarts!
At /warp market, you can browse other players shops, or set up your own!
Unlock fast travel /warps as you arrive at key locations.

More to come! Look forward to updates regarding special events and endgame activity in the near future!
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