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By Aichu
#117142 Background color: Black
Pokemon: lucario , raichu fighting
Font/Font Color: Font: Color: Yellow, blue neon
Text:Pokeforum on top , middle:Where the legends were born down:

For forum & website :)
By wilmer2637
#149438 Background Colour: Dark Red And Black Mix
IGN: DeltaScorpii
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Cubone
Font Type/Name Of Font: Any Medieval Looking Font
Font Colour: White
Anything Extra: Cubone holding his bone between his hands like a bat
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By HelenTheHero
#149441 Background Colour: Light blue.
IGN: HelenTheHero2001
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Dragonair, Aerodactyl and Sylveon.
Font Type/Name Of Font: Italics.
Font Colour: Light purple.
Anything Extra: All the Pokemon just kinda hanging out? Or maybe a caption saying, "Helen's Favorites!"
By JakeLaz
#156705 If this is still open...
Background Colour: Black with white speckles (Night Sky)
IGN: JakeLaz
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Mightyena running, several dusk balls scattered around the bottom corners, pine trees in the background
Font Type/Name Of Font: Cursive
Font Colour: Silver
Anything Extra: Could you add a quote on the bottom also in cursive but smaller "These Are The Nights that Never Die"
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By noclueumbreon
#194999 Hi!
here is tah form
Background Colour: Look at the signature i have right now, and make it look like that.
IGN: Used to be dysu12345 but now its TheOmegaUmbreon
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: same person in the original sig, and also maybe an umbreon???? :cry:
Font Type/Name Of Font: Moon
Font Colour: hopefully white, and hopefully a dropshadow?
Anything Extra: i dont know, but hand drawn would be nice. :3

anyways if not ill just tack on some extra text on the original. thanks!