#110674 OK Aichu, since I finished all my sigs today, I'll do yours for free, plus I was wondering if you needed an intro? I can make both if you want:)
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By Aichu
#110767 Well i can make but not pokemon intro , it would be nice but yeah , if you like to make the intro then you can.

Background Colour: Blackness
IGN: AichuPlaysFTW
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Aichu or my skin.
Font Type/Name Of Font: Pokemon
Font Colour: Yellow
Anything Extra: Suprise me with something awesome?
#110906 I was wondering if you could donate anyways....up to you, but it would give me an excuse to spend more time on this. Trust me, this is going to be epic. I am creating something massive.
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By Aichu
#110908 Awesome! Thank you! I'f i have chance to donate , i'll donate you :)
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By redrafter
#111229 I can't see the file? o:

Anyway, I didn't expect you to fully pull through with it anyhow, I made a difficult request to test you. Mainly because of the fact that you're attempting 3D sigs, which is hard, and I just wanted to see how good you really are with it. If I wanted the sig I requested, I'd make it myself. I've used PS enough to know how to.
#111266 weird u cant see :(

Try This Link:

And for SuchArceus: ... Arceus.png
By Sonicfreak597
#111364 Background Colour: Purple (With a little shadowing)
IGN: Sonicfreak597
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Lugia, a Ultraball, and Sonicfreak597
Font Type/Name Of Font: Minecraft style
Font Colour: Gold
Anything Extra: Could you maybe make Aeroblast in the backround?
#111391 I'm on it Sonicfreak597! Yours will get work started on it after I complete Aichu's:)

My Priority List:


I will probably have Aichu's done on monday.
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By Aichu
#111406 Awesome. Cant wait for it . and 1 question , what pokemon is hardest to make 3D ?