#112089 Yeah, I use Cinema4D, Autodesk Maya, and Photoshop for banners:)

PS Aichu, do u want me to make any changes, or should I just send it to you with the proper dimensions and such?
PPS, If you need anything else(like thumbnails, banners, artwork, etc.) just contact me through Skype, either by calling or messaging me:) I'll reply, and start making em'
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By Aichu
#112090 You can sent me , i'll look of it and i'll tell if you need to change something
By ProSkotty
#112110 Background Colour: Dark Purple
IGN: ProSkotty
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Me And A Luxray
Font Type/Name Of Font: Idk one that looks cool ;3
Font Colour: Anyhing that suits the picture xD
Anything Extra: Misty Background
By 1Charak2
#112131 hm where my sig go...

well thats a pain

*edit the whole pic has gone blank...*
By xxxzzzmark
#112255 Background Colour: Light Blue
IGN: xxxzzzmark
Pokemon/Players/Items Featured: Pokeball
Font Type/Name Of Font: Anything that you find matching.
Font Colour: If white can work, then white. Otherwise some other color that goes good with light blue.
Anything Extra: If I can get an avatar that would be great. I made my sig a long time ago and since then I got a new computer and haven't put photoshop in it yet so it would be great to have... to put it bluntly... someone else to do it for me. Thank you. :) Also, if possible can it have kind of the same art style as my sig?
#112452 Closing up shop after a few weeks of being open. I'll still be working on the current sig reqs, but wont be taking any new ones until the shop opens again. Basically, you can still request I just wont get to them yet:)
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By Aichu
#112616 He doesnt know what do you mean by V just chill with the original one , ok?