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#126555 I've started a new series a week or so ago and wanted to get some feedback on the idea.

I made a list of things that i needed to complete in less than 30 episodes and i'm on episode #6
so here is the list i already have 2 done

1. Capture a Shiny
2. Capture a Legendary :!:
3. Find a Hidden Pokeloot :!:
4. Capture 5 Starters
5. Build a Pokemon Gym
6. Evolve a Pokemon With a Stone :!:
7. Make a Pokedex :!:
8. Raise a Pokemon to 100
9. Win a Trainer Battle :!:
10. Get a Fossil Pokemon

So here is the feedback part, Let me know what you think
is it too easy? too hard?

Ok here is Part 1


and Part 2

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By bobbanana09
#126556 Good balance. Some are easy, some are hard, some are juuuusssttt right.
By pelagius_septim
#126586 Its right on the fence of easy and hard, I suggest adding a little bit more of a challenge, and try to see if you can level atleast 3 pokemon to 100 as you do your quest. Good luck on the series :D
By TheMouseSir
#126723 Another idea, you might need creative, but how about create mount silver? Also, set up a npc with the exact same pokemon team from red's original in-game team, and have a face off?