By Flornost
#127313 Hi-ho!
I've started new YouTube series, where the goal is to catch all 151 Pokemon, and with an interesting strory coming in next episodes! It would be awesome if you check it oit!
By Flornost
#128302 I'm back for the 2nd part of the Pixelmon! What happened? Find out in this episode! Feedback is appriciated =D
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By bobbanana09
#128303 For the youtube BB code, only add the 10 letters/numbers at the end.
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By IceMan8030
#128433 Nice start to your series will be checking in from time to time seeing how you are doing. Also post of what mods you are using if you don't mind I'd be interested in checking a few of them out.
By Flornost
#128465 Sure! Here are the mods:
PokeCycles, Custom NPCs, Carpenters Blocks, ironchests, Animated Player mod, Better Grass And Leaves mod, Mr crayfsih Furniyure Mod, Backpak mod, Reiminimap, Armor Status Hud and of course, Pixelmon!
Thank you for support =D