By LadyDemeter
#172012 Basically, I'd like to get back into drawing more regularly, since I drew a lot more in High School and College. So one of my resolves it to draw a few things on a schedule... And since I'm here, and looking for something to contribute, I decided that one of those things ought to be a pokemon!
So, each week, I will take a minimum of one pokemon sketch request, or failing that, I'll pull up a random pokemon to try drawing. Many of these will just be sketches, digital or physical, though they could become completed pieces if I feel like it.

So I hope you'll help suggest a few things for this first week -- or maybe in a few hours, I'll kick the thread off with a drawing of one of my favorites. We'll see.
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By Isi
#172030 How about the estranged love child of a dragonite, sableye, and torchic?

By LadyDemeter
#172081 Pokemon genetics sadly aren't that exciting ;P

...But I did, in keeping an earnest spirit, try to add a little Sableye or Torchic touch (I assumed Dragonite was the mom, on the grounds that Dratini is not hard to draw.)