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By SheNeverMisses
#191626 A few months back I got the idea to use pixelmon and some other mods to try and create an entire region, by myself, with a story, and tons of towns. It is obviously going to take a while. But I figured that I would post my progress on this forum and see if you guys like it. So far I have four towns, 2 gyms, a contest center (That's right, a contest center), a lab, and much more. I am still not certain on the final mod list, I am sort-of experimenting with them a little. But for now, here is the list.

Pixelmon 4.3.0 Beta 12
Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod: Community Edition 1.0
Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod 4.0.1
Rope Bridge 1.3
Optifine 1.8.9 HD_U_H6
Custom NPCS 1.8.9 beta
Backpack 3.0.1-1.8.9
Pam's Harvestcraft 1.8.9a
Decocraft 2.3.5_1.8.9

I am looking into getting something similar to world edit, as well as the fairy lights mod, into the pack. I also haven't named the region or most of the towns yet, but I am working on it.

~I will post pictures, as soon as I figure out how to post screenshots from my computer. If someone could tell me how that would be great.~

For now, here are the basic features of each town.

Old Frost Town
Starting Town, where the adventure begins.

4 Houses
1 Battle Arena
1 Pokemon Lab
1 Train Station

The lab is in the shape of a lighthouse, and is in the middle of the frozen area as a way to guide travelers in from the snow.

Town 2
Like the first other town in most regions, doesn't have a gym, but contains houses, a Pokemon Center, and a Pokemart. You may also meet a new rival here.

1 Train Station
3 Houses
1 Pokemon Center
1 Pokemart
1 Hiking Shop (Where a man also lives)
1 Battle Arena
1 Camp Site

Town 3
The first town which contains a gym, deep in the Taiga, this city is bursting with activity. But is all of that activity good?

1 Smoothie Stand
1 Hotel (Consisting of a front desk building and 3 cabins.)
1 Fountain (It is a very nice Kingdra, which gurgles at the front of town)
7 Houses (I believe)
1 Gym (Normal Type)
1 Pokemon Center
1 Pokemart
1 Logging Company Headquarters
1 Logging Camp
1 Mysterious Tree
2 Mysterious Individuals

Pokemon School
Along the route to the next town, this school is where many of the children wandering about the Gym in the previous town came from, the two teachers run a very nice boarding school, and could always use the help of young trainers who are willing, and they may just teach you something as well.

1 Boarding School
1 Playground

Police Station #1
This station services Town 3 and Town 4, and thus is along the road between them both. Many officers live here and protect the streets from crime, all led by the courageous Officer Jenny (You know, the one related to the Jenny probably in your home town?) 2 criminals may or may not be locked up here.

Town 4: This town takes you into new scenery, a regular forest, but the happenings of this town are anything but regular. The place is always abuzz with activity, as the Gym and Contest Arena both draw in many trainers from afar.

1 Pokemon Gym (Bug Type)
1 Contest Arena (Open Air)
1 Hotel (Just the one building this time)
4 Houses (Maybe 5)
1 Pokemon Center
1 Pokemart
1 Contest Necessity Stand
1 Room Full of Pokeballs (Which people may want to steal)

This is all I have at this point, I am doing this all by myself, and started at the end of August/Early September. I hope you like it, and if you want to give me questions about story, or tell me how to post pictures on here, talk about mod compatibility, give general suggestions, or names for the region/towns, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading, I will update soon.