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By MCviolinist1
#193596 Hi, I need your help. I am trying to practice my musical composition skills. If you would like to help, please describe a song with the following format/options:

1. What genre? (try to be open minded with this option)(I don't want everyone to pick things like rock, pop, and electric too much)
2. What Instruments? (no more than 5)
3. What key? (optional)
4. What time signature? (optional)
5. Describe in detail how you want the song to feel. Is it happy, sad, scary...
6. Any of your own special details? (optional)
Please add your email so that I can send you your song.

When you receive your song by email, take a listen. Then, simply comment again telling me in detail how I did. Do you like it? Is it really bad? Did I meet up to the format? Just know that I appreciate criticism.
Please note the following:
The song probably wont be longer than 3 minutes.
Its not guaranteed that I will get to everyone who comments.
The sound quality will be very electronic. I'm not able to record actual instruments.
Please don't ask for dubstep. I definitely can't do that.