By Waterboyr
Burgy wrote:I dont really care. And you think im going to do work, pffffffffffffft.
Im actually modelling shit so i dont have time.

K then I will. Lol. I sucked at Techne. I tried to make a turtwig and it came out as round head on a square... But I'm getting good at GIMP...
Anyways I'll PM some people.

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By Burgy
#59933 Ok
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By Rados
#59934 Minecraft Username (Case Sensitive): Rados_
Preferred Position: Any would do
Pose or Action:Pokeball in hand? Idk
Anything Else?:gabe is a fag
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#59936 Minecraft Username (Case Sensitive): SpalkiaG
Preferred Position: that one
Pose or Action: stabbing gabe
Anything Else?: Pineapples, cheese, pancakes
By Firespar
Burgy wrote:Just decided to kill it one day,
Stopped caring. Probably get a sever back sometime me later, so you can use your auto-killer then.
The map is up on the forums though.

I dunno, it was actually kind of fun screwing around with you. I just didn't agree with your new choice of staff...

Alright, I'm done derailing your thread now. :3
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By Css1234567890123
#60627 burgy add me to the list, I made an app a while ago :3
By Vespirs
#63087 Minecraft Username (Case Sensitive): Vespirs_14
Preferred Position: Erm. Standing? (lmao Idk)
Pose or Action:Stabbing Dylan and Evan ;D <3
Anything Else?: llamas
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By Burgy
#63375 Y u do dis
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By ashouri
#64621 Minecraft Username (Case Sensitive): ashouri
Preferred Position:near the right side
Pose or Action:riding a umbreon
Anything Else?:make the umbreon shiney
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By ashouri
#64625 if u need help i can help i started making signatures on photoshop "Still suck"