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By ashouri
Vespirs wrote:Anything Else?: llamas

ur just like my friend llamas everywere

By S_Kunai
#66073 If your still accepting I'd like to join!

Minecraft Username (Case sensitive): S_Kunai
Preferred Position: Anywhere is fine
Pose or Action: If possible tossing or spinning the pokeball like Blue/Gary
Anything else?: Looks amazing so far! Thanks!
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By Rzxa
Rados wrote:Minecraft Username (Case Sensitive): Rados_
Preferred Position: Any would do
Pose or Action:Pokeball in hand? Idk
Anything Else?:[highlight]gabe is a fag[/highlight]

Lol someone must have edited his post
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By Burgy
#70536 I forgot this post was a thing, and no. I don't need help but thanks for asking!