By Josecami
#81046 Welcome to Josecami's Banner Shop! Please fill this so I can make you a banner :D


Code: Select allMinecraft IGN (Important!):
Pokemon (Only the ones that are in the mod):

Pretty simple huh? I'll make around 10 banners so comment quickly!

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By IceMan8030
#81569 Minecraft IGN (Important!): IceMan8030
Biome: Whatever you want to use.
Pokemon (Only the ones that are in the mod): Whatever you want to use.
Quote: You will think of something for me. :P

I'm not very picky so I'm sure whatever you come up with will be fine.
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By IceMan8030
#81611 Josecami,

Not to be a pain and the banner you already made but. I don't know why i didn't think of it earlier could you make me another with like articuno and maybe icehills behind me? I think it would fit my login name better :P.
By AlpineMCPM
#82435 This still open?
If so could you make us a banner advertising our server?
Minecraft IGN (Important!): Well the server name, AlpineMCPM
Biome: Any biome, a Plains would be nice
Pokemon (Only the ones that are in the mod): Venusaur, Charizard, Blastiose, And for an alternate could you use Espeon, eevee and umbreon.
Alpine MCPM! The journey just begun....

This seems like a big ask and we will surely credit you on our planet minecraft page and forums.
If you could pm me when its done that would be great. Massive thanks!

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By killthepast
#84103 Tommorow, this will be possible...

Minecraft IGN (Important!): MinerKombat1557
Biome: Extreemehills
Pokemon (Only the ones that are in the mod): Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion
Quote: Don't Bother to be a master if you can't even get far enough to beat me