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By Krios
#89053 IGN krios105
Biome: plains
Pixelmon: Nidoking
Quote: can you think of one?
By Akerious
#89105 Very nice banners! Hm..

IGN: Akerious
Biome: Would it be possible to get a background with lava, like the nether?
Pixelmon: I'm certainly a fan of Arcanine. :D
Quote: Can you perhaps add the IP of.. as my quote?
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By noclueumbreon
#158211 Ign: TheOmegaUmbreon
Biome: roofed forest
Pokemon: Umbreon/Rayquaza/gengar
Quote: Use Mega Beam!
can you make the character holding a diamond xenoblade like sword? No need to do it if you dont want to.
my banner is preety old ;-) :ninja: :pokerface:
By MinecraftXyo
#173400 Minecraft IGN (Important!): MinecraftXyo
Biome: Plains
Pokemon (Only the ones that are in the mod): Empoleon, Luxray, Pikachu
Quote: You have to be odd to be number one