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By ilovepokemon
1Charak2 wrote:accepted and i guess this sandile is shiny?!?

yup, it is lol, its starting moves are: Sand Tomb, Bite, Shadow Claw (TM) and Aerial Ace (TM)

and instead of having Slash, it will have Take Down for Gible if you don't mind
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By ilovepokemon
1Charak2 wrote:fine deal off u go palmer

(actually, lemme add 2 more pokemon to my team so i am caught up to you guys, Nidorino lvl 21 *i dont have a moon stone yet* and Rhyhorn lvl 21 *yes, i am planning on getting a Rhyperior*)

Mario - Why are you all looking at me like that? By the way, name's Mario.
By 1Charak2
#120412 fine ok you have victinis blessings and low a behold you are christened sir palmer
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By ilovepokemon
1Charak2 wrote:fine ok you have victinis blessings and low a behold you are christened sir palmer

(lol, lets get on with the story now XD)

As we kept staring at eachother i felt something was coming and fast
"INCOMING!!!" i yelled at the others, who got out of the way as a Hyper Beam erupted from the cave entrance, as the smoke cleared, i looked at the cave entrance only to find a shadow. The flames slowly revealed the shadow of a Tyranitar, but as i looked closer, i noticed it had a dark blue aura surrounding it, something was wrong. Then, masked men appeared and I knew they were working for Xersosic, I faced them before. We had to fight them, no matter what. (Team Plasma battle theme from Black 2/White 2 starts playing)

I decided it was time to battle, so i took three pokeballs and threw them as i yelled out: "Nidorino, Gible, Rhyhorn, COME ON OUT!" and as for Sandile, i told him to help out too...
"I-I-It's that kid from before!!!" One of the masked men said...

(Rhyhorn's moves: Horn Attack, Fury Attack, Scary Face and Stomp/Nidorino's moves: Peck, Double Kick, Posion Jab and Leer)

(man, the story gets more intense every post lol)

By 1Charak2
#120422 ill just explain what happen a couple of minute before that.
(fletchinder evolved waterboy was taken away presumably killed. and Draco ran away.presumably )
Victini propped its self on my shoulder as
The masked Men Stalked forwards with their tyranitar. Hello mother ****ers i say smiling shadow Pokemon eh well crap its a shadow Pokemon. I look down out my pocket. Should i use you. i say looking at a engraved ultra ball i picked you up at the lab not knowing what you are but you have a trait of courage. i will use you as a last resort and only as a last resort.
but for now. Talonflame Fire blast. a large retort of fire is launched at Tyrainiter. it retorts with a hyper beam But i order talonflame to ram into it redirecting it out the cave I hear a yelp from a boy Who the bloody hell is that i wonder
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By ilovepokemon
#120440 I heard the yelp too, but i wondered who it was. Before i could use any of my moves, another pokemon attacked from behind with a barrage of stones. A shadow gigalith and a masked man appeared and right under them was a black rock. "A moon stone! just what i need for nidorino, but i will need some cover to grab it!". I order Sandile to use its claws to throw sand at the gigalith and the masked man, they cant see a thing while i grab the moon stone and toss it over to nidorino.
"NOW NIDORINO, TOUCH THE MOON STONE!", I then watch as nidorino's body becomes surrounded with a bright light, blinding some of the masked men that showed up. Finally the light bursts, revealing Nidoking. (An orchestrated remix of the gym leader's final pokemon music from Black and White starts playing)
"Alright Nidoking, show them how powerful you are, hit em' with a Hyper Beam!", Nidoking then fires a beam so powerful that Gigalith gets knocked out from the blow.
"ARGH, how powerful was that Hyper Beam?" one of the masked man said.
"Lemme see one sec- *gets interrupted by the number he sees on his move damage identifier* oh crap, ITS OVER 9000!!!" another one said. (Dragonball Z reference there lol)
"We can't match that power, LETS GET OUTTA HERE!", 3 of the masked man ran away like cowards. The other 2 were not gonna leave without a fight. Lets finish this... Nidoking, HYPER BEAM!, we all watch has both Tyranitar and Nidoking's hyper beams clash, causing an explosion so strong that we all get knocked unconscious with the remaining masked men gone along with Tyranitar and Gigalith.
By 1Charak2
#120518 ... i noticed a guy outside.
At once using zoroaks illusion i disappear.
and reappear behind him. i grab him into a headlock.
Who the bloody hell are you I say into his ear
and why did you Scare them away...
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By ilovepokemon
#120725 I got up to my feet slowly just as I heard a cry of some sort coming from the deeper part of the cave, good thing i had a flash light. I recalled my pokemon and walked towards the source of the cry. I reached a dead end, so I directed my flashlight around the cave only to find a crying larvitar. As i looked closer, i noticed it was injured badly. I picked it up in my arms, larvitar stopped crying and seemed to like me for some odd reason.
"Wow, you like me don't you" I said. Larvitar who asked me if it could join my team. I said yes but i told him that he would have to get patched up before joining. So i got back to the others with larvitar in my arms as i noticed the purple belly shaped like a diamond ...

(Current team: Gible lvl 21, Sandile lvl 17, Nidoking lvl 23, Rhyhorn lvl 22 and Larvitar lvl 25*)
(*Larvitar will join my team after it as been patched up at the Pokémon Center)
(Larvitar's moves: Bite, Leer, Chip Away and Sandstorm)