By 1Charak2
#120743 .(wait didn't i get u in a headlock... how could u find a shiny)

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By ilovepokemon
#120758 (wut do you mean by that? and i changed my previous post a bit, i was joking about the shiny XD)

(actually, no, im not kidding, i didnt know larvitar was shiny until i noticed the purple belly on my way back to you guys )
By 1Charak2
#120861 if u read my post before yours you scared away the masked men so i used zoroaks illusion to get u in a headlock cause i did not trust ye...
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By ilovepokemon
1Charak2 wrote:if u read my post before yours you scared away the masked men so i used zoroaks illusion to get u in a headlock cause i did not trust ye...

i was already in the cave when the masked men arrived, so it wasnt me who scared them away. you didnt read the post before that did you? Also, the reason they ran away is because their gigalith wasnt strong enough to withstand a 9000 power hyper beam so they just retreaded.
By 1Charak2
#120942 (well fuk the universe..)
i see a boy in the cave cling to a axew
at once i launched into a attack using zoroaks punishment on the boy
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By ilovepokemon
#120948 (its a larvitar, not an axew lol)

"Whoah, don't attack, this larvitar is badly hurt" i told the man with the zororak.
"Take it easy, i'm just on a journey with the goal to stop those masked men and Xerosic" i told him
I told him I wasn't a bad person, that before going on a journey as a pokemon trainer, I used to be a doctor. Taking care of injured pokemon was my specialty.
"Well, it seems something bad happened here" a voice said. And a tall man with a white beard wearing a blue coat appeared in the entrance.
"Hey, i know you, you're Wulfric the gym leader of Snowbelle City right?" i said.
"Correct." he replied. I told Wulfric i found this larvitar deeper in the cave when it was injured.
"Then follow me, we must hurry to the Pokémon Center." he said...
By 1Charak2
#121133 Zoroak stop them both use Night Daze
"the cave entrance is destroyed"
you won't escape neither of you
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By ilovepokemon
#121311 "Woah, just chill out man, where on the same side! This Larvitar is hurt and if you think you can keep me from leaving, then i shall blast my way out. " I yelled.
"That won't be necessary." Wulfric said. Just as he finished talking, an explosion was heard and an Abomasnow appeared in the entrance.
"Great work Abomasnow now, run for the Pokémon Center while i hold him off!" he told me. So i ran as fast as I could to the Pokémon Center. As I ran, the masked men showed up and asked for the rare larvitar. I realized they meant Larvitar was shiny so i denied, it was then i realized they were looking for a rare larvitar that escaped their experiment lab, my aura revealed their sinister plan: Make every Pokémon and human on the planet evil and work for Xerosic.
Knowing now what they were up to, I became enraged as I placed larvitar on the snow, who hid behind me in fear of the masked men as I prepared to face them again with Nidoking...
By 1Charak2
#121368 hello wulfric i say smiling
"I don't know who you are or what you want but u attacked us for no reason I will defeat you" wulfric replied angry
*i clutch my head in pain* "whats a matter with you boy" wulfric Call ups to me
I look behind me Their are my Pokemon they all have dark auras and are smiling menacingly as a masked man steps out from behind a rock.
"beautiful isn't it" he says with happiness every single one of my pokemon was corrupted (except victini who was in my backpack sleeping)
wulfric was gone a ditto was in his place "your trapped boy the masked man said smiling" hand over victini or we will kill you here and now
I can't let victini go I saved him from that horrible place if he goes back he will perish
"so be it Arcaine use Outrage" i watch in horror as my arcaine rushs forwards and it hits me sending me sprawling * i am bleeding now it hurts so much*

but i refuse to die I refuse to die I REFUSE TO DIE the words grow lounder in my head the ultra ball on its chain starts to shake I throw it and Collapse

I wake up In a forest there is some berries next to me that i eat gratefully I noticed a horse figure run across the lake towards me with victini riding
I look at the horse with its horn and flowing blue mane. Hello Keldeo...