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By MinerKombat1557
#96930 [center]New Roleplay Idea... mah gawd[/center]

Doctor Who roleplay... new yes, old series yes but at the same time, who doesnt like doctor who...

You are the doctor, you can be any doctor up to the 11th you must make the most of it as a time lord and fix anything that has happened on planet earth, All the doctors choosable: William Hartnell
1st, Patrick Troughton 2nd ,Jon Pertwee 3rd, Tom Baker 4th, Peter Davison 5th, Colin Baker 6th, Sylverster McCoy 7th, Paul McGann 8th, Christopher Ecclleston 9th, David Tennant 10th and Matt Smith 11th

Application, short but sweet

(if ur no fan of doctor who but styill wanna join in, look up pictures of the doctors to pick ur favorite)

Sonic Screwdriver tip (Blue, red, yellow, white, green, red)

My App (Once one doctor is taken, you cant use that doctor)

Doctor: David Tennant
Sonic Screwdriver tip: Blue
By 1Charak2
#96963 "(danm u miner why u choose my favorite docter)

Doctor: Matt smith
sonic screwdriver tip: green
By Waterboyr
#97381 You see, I have joined like every single one, but I only know there is a show named Doctor Who, and that's literally it.
So, sorry, no Waterboyr here.
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By Rzxa
#97490 Doctor : Colin Baker(hahahaha I picked the least fave one)
Sonic screwdriver : red
By Ewery1
#98075 The doctor ran down the hallway, looking behind him. Really? He was trapped on the Adipose breeding planet 9. Of all places. And where was Rose? "Oh," she said, "I don't want to be gone a year from home so everyone thinks I'm dead, I think I'll stay here for a few weeks." Well... Something like that. Anyways, he needed to find a way of of this place, the compound seemed to go in circles. He hadn't realized what the adipose did until now. He had met their adult versions once. A long long time ago. Like 3 regenerations ago. Before the- the doctor stopped in the hallway. He clasped his eyes shut, trying to prevent the memories slipping back into his mind. Trying to prevent the loss, the one explosion. The explosion that ended them both. The Daleks and the Timelords. Or well, as he thought at the time.

He looked behind him, and he couldn't believe what he saw. There were so many adipose in the hallway, that it looked like a giant marshmellow of death.

((lol, I didn't know how to start it. So I did this. XD too much?))