By 1Charak2
#98372 "flying throw the tardis" Ok keep calm we are Gonna Crash onto Skaros "starts fumbling with hands" ok Everyone hold onto something Here we go!


"What is this place amy pond asks" birth place of the daleks digerous spot we might run into one of their failed dalek experments This is not good at all But it will be fun to explore and see what we can find to repair the tardis "doctor Doctor come back u can't be serous" oh i am we can stay here if u want but i want to get my tardis working so see you
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By MinerKombat1557
#98499 thats alot of daleks...

*1000 daleks have trapped me*


i dont think so...

*ducks and the beam hits one dalek behind me*

1 down, 999 to go...

*sees a lift*

hey daleks, if your going to surround me,

*gets out sonic screwdriver*

dont back them against a life

*uses sonic to open the lift, and is in another roomful of daleks*

come on...

*does the same thing again, and finds matt smith*

Ohai its you...
By 1Charak2
#98516 Wait a minute Our timelines are not ment to cross what are you doing here hm "Exterminate" quiten down im thinking (slaps head) oh yea i just remembered we are skaros if your me u know what im thinking so run maybe?
By Ewery1
#98577 The ninth doctor looks around, confused. He was just running away from a giant marshmellow blob. What on earth is he doing-
The Doctor freezes. Then someone bumps into him and says, "run maybe?" and The Doctor turns.
Behind him are two men, both taller than him, facing a bunch of Daleks with their sonic screwdrivers facing the lot. The Doctor stares at them, and then realization hits him. Sonic screwdrivers?
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By MinerKombat1557
#98617 this is a little more fair... i have absolutely no idea where my tardis is, but for now, Lets see what we can do, theres dalek commanders,

*almost gets shot at*

ok, better idea, RUN!

(puts sonic into coat)
By 1Charak2
#98701 Where we gonna run to they are perfect killing machines able to fly we need to find somewhere to hunker down and hid
By Ewery1
#98730 The Doctor stares at the other two. "This way!" He beckons at them and runs into a separate hallway. Guessing they are behind him he closes the door once they are safely inside and sonics it, locking it. "CONTINUE ON!" He runs off down the hallway, hearing the Daleks fire at the door, almost exploding it.
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By MinerKombat1557
#98824 i could increase the sonics sound so i could paralyze the daleks for a minute, or maybe just keep running\

(finds a place)

You keep going, ill hide in the next room

(opnes the room's door, sonics it, and goes through another door in that room and sonics it again)

(daleks walk straight past me)

yes, im VERY good!
By 1Charak2
#98873 brillant absoulty brillant u think i would have some manners im stuck outside with daleks chasing me "notices a hand beckoning me" runs inside the room with the hand "the door closes"
and i close it Turn around and theirs a old man Sitting in a chair "hello docter" davros says...