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By Rzxa
#98656 Well I set up the nuclear bomb that will destroy the Rps then that I made for 4 days Muwahahahahahahaha
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By MinerKombat1557

*takes the nuke and shoves them up rxza's you know where*
By Waterboyr
#99009 "It's okay the reapers would've withstood it anyways and protected the McDonalds and pixelmon forums members. Now for the ultimate death of RZXA!"
*reaper steps on Rzxa and a boom is heard but not seen because the reaper was unfazed as the nuke goes off when Rzxa is crushed.*
By Brooke
#99013 Dang Waterboyr where did you get these apples they're so juicy! This could last me my whole life!
By 1Charak2
#99056 wakes up notices brookes comment
is now speechless
By Waterboyr
#99721 *it's super effective*
*Waterboyr is confused by everything and hits everyone and himself in confusion*
*reapers laser your mom*