By Waterboyr
#99014 You are at lochness lake.
It's a chilly and cloudy summer day with a fog.
Your a tourist from ____.
You are with other tourist in a tour group walking around docks. Many other tourist on tours, just watching, taking pictures, are everywhere. You seem to fell suspicious about the lake but you shrug it off thinking it' because of the legend. You pretend you don't see the figure in the water, and that it's your imagination.
You are with others standing at the docks when a stupid American boy (Waterboyr) calls to you and a few others to come here. You think you shouldn't and try to decide but the other tourist are already breaking away.
You decide to follow the boy as he walks along the edge of the lake.
You have no idea...
That you are meant to be here, by fate.

Tourist item: (Choose one of the following:) Pepper Spray, camera, gift shop items, and if you want something else instead put it in your app and I'll tell you if you can have it.
Other: (Special things about you character, I'll tell you if it's fine, appearance, etc.)

My App:
Name: Rick
Country: America
Tourist Item: Camera
Other: Newsie hat, brown trench coat, blue colored pants, like jeans but not denim, not sweats. Black tennis shoes. Green shirt under coat.
Age: 12

By 1Charak2
#99054 My app
name: Jack
Country: england
tourist item: "none yet"
other light jog bottoms, open shirt with a tshirt underneath and finally walking boots
age 13
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By Rzxa
#99767 App:
Name:Banana(his parents were weird)
Country: Russia(does it have to be real if yes I'm gonna change it to my real country)
Tourist item: (Choose one of the following:) Pepper Spray
Other: (Special things about you character, I'll tell you if it's fine, appearance, etc.) Fine Black hair with spiky hair gel, Orange Jacket, Blue Scarf, Green Cap, Blue Jeans, Brown Shoes. He is Weird and sometimes annoying like somebody I know(aka **)
Age:12 1/2
By Waterboyr
#100071 Accepted...
(No country doesn't have to real nothing does)

"Everyone follow me! That tour leader doesn't know anything, I bet he looked it all up on wikapedia. I know a really cool thing! Okay we are almost there."
I walk through a pretty forest where tourist walk around taking pictures.
I turn around it to a clearing and a ledge extending over the lake.

(Okay I'm incorporating choices... Not very many will happen but choose one both of you)
A: Look out from edge at lake.
B: Slide down the side of the clearing and go to a small beach, only with enough room for 8 people...
C: Talk to Rick
D: Use Item
E: Push someone into lake
F: Point out something in lake

I take a picture of the scene. Tourist are strolling nearby but not as many as the crowded docks and gift shops.
But still enough that your screams can be heard...
If necessary.
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By Rzxa
#100134 E
I push rick into the lake
Bye bye rick have a nice life I said
By 1Charak2
#100169 i chose F

Guys Look Ricks Drowning someone help him!
By Waterboyr
#100258 "YOU LITTLE-"
A big slosh is heard.
I wade in place and slowly turn around. A shadow under the water is 30 yards away. A big one.
I gape and start frantically swimming toward shore.
I stop and take a selfie before continuing.
Suddenly the shadow disappears.
I hesitate before returning to swimming.
When I'm finally near the shore I disappear.
The shadow comes into view again where I was and the little clearing that was over the lake... Like a cliff edge except not high up... Collapsed and you fall into the lake.
By 1Charak2
#100377 Wha "faints from the cold embrace of the water as the shadow nears"