By Waterboyr
#100472 I gasp for air as I reach the surface. The shadow slowly lurks towards me again...
Giant teeth rise out of the water and snap around me, gulping me down.
The beast swallows Jack whole and bites Bannana's leg before swallowing him too.

*where we are*

"... I-it's complete blackness... Hello????? Anyone there?"

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By Rzxa
#100496 *uses pepper spray on rick*
Shut up!
We need to be quiet there might be evil creatures in this place
What this
Mind: it's a A book why is it here?..
By 1Charak2
#100519 Rxza Why are u holding a book? what use is that inside this this Monstrous creature!
By Waterboyr
#100578 "GUYS!!!!! We aren't in a monster! There is solid, flat, ground. There must be someway to get out of this... Search fro walls, a door, or something!

A) Give up
B) Grab book from Rzxa or Rzxa reads book
C) Go mental
D) Search
By 1Charak2
#100631 B Takes book from raza but can't read strang symbols
By Waterboyr
#100795 *walks into wall and falls off an edge into pitch blackness...*
There is no wall or visible ledge though.
We are lit up, like if the room had lights but it's pitch blackness, the "floor", the air, the "sky/ceiling" are all black. And I just fell into nothing, as it seems to the others.
By 1Charak2
#100833 "Symbols Start to rearrange" feels sick and falls off the edge and Faints ( i wonder where we will end up!
By Waterboyr
#100873 I wake up in a boat with people around me. They wear strange clothing and are asking me if I'm okay.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow all too familiar in the water before my eyes close again.
By 1Charak2
#100958 "drowning" The water Floats between my cloths am i dead yet Only time will Tell The book vibrates Pulling me upwards i feel air and land "i fall alsleep exhausted"
By Waterboyr
#101137 I regain consciousness in a dark room and remember the one man, the one I remember as the non-pushing-people-off-cliffs-person, and see he is hurt and barely breathing.
I shake him and realize we are still on the boat, just in a room with no light. I think he starts to wake up as I feel the ship dock at port and people come in and rough hands drag us, meanly, and I look up and see men that must be 12 feet tall. I feel very small. This must be some kind of coma, or dream. Or I'm- That's it! If I can just-
But I forget what would've saved us. And I don't see that we are being lead toward a castle, and everyone is twelve feet tall. We are in some medieval land with giants... I don't even understand... And then I see the giant creatures flying through the air.
"Wh... What are those?"
I try to figure it out as we are forced down a path.