By 1Charak2
#101153 "regaining Consiousness" (looks at book) so this is what Saved us "sees something fly over our heads" What the hell was that

By Waterboyr
#101782 "I don't know..."
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The giants laugh like we are dum.
They are so big we could be eaten... No vores... Ugh I wouldn't want to live in their stomachs.
They take us through villages and towns of more big people. Even the kids are big.
More creatures are seen when suddenly I'm being pushed faster and everyone is screaming. I duck as a fireball hits where my head would have been.
I run as the soldiers push us along.
We finally get to the castle and are let in quickly. We are led through many hallways, and the castle is definitely not modern. We are in some sort of other world. Maybe we are having some joint dream or coma, or this is limbo and we died together. Ugh. We are suprisngly brought to a throne room where a queen stands in the center. We are forced to bow down. She is probably 12 feet tall and not tall and skinny, they are all big. Not tall. Scary. Like I really mean they could eat us.
The queen mumbles stuff like quest, and exile, and destiny, and a bunch of crap and they give us supplies and weapons and instructions and push us out the door and I scream screw you and run down the path and faint after a few yards of stumbling and screaming. The things she said was probably not important anyway.

Like monsters. And things that could save our lives.
Not useful at all.
By 1Charak2
#101886 picks waterboyr up" ok What are we doing here and What is all this crap we have been givin
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By Rzxa
#101891 *Wakes up*
Interesting we're am I the last thing I remember is a weird nice guy took a book I found
Hmm seems like I'm tied to a rope
If I cut my hand I will probably escape
*magically the rope disappears *
Whats ****king happening
*suddenly teleported*
*banana falls on the queen*
Hello obese lady do you happen to know where I am ?
The Queen look at banana hands
The queen then instructed the guards to punish banana and put him to prison
By 1Charak2
#102040 "watchs a boy go kicking a screaming from the palace" as i Study the Weapons
By Waterboyr
#102097 *comes to senses*
"... I think we are supposed to follow this map. We probably shouldn't disobey because I think that it's a possibility they don't digest living food and eat their energy over years and years of their stomach, or they might just eat us in general. So that'd be bad. Or just punish us. Though I don't know why we have to do things for them when they are so big and strong... Hm there seems to be some items... Lets see... I can't really pick anything up besides this stick... It's not a walking stick but it's not short enough to be a normal stick. It's not a branch but not a club. Oh well, not like I'd do the fighting... Anyways we aren't very old so this is stupid. This might be the only way to get home though...Here choose a weapon from the pile. Hmmm... Where'd that one guy go?
Charak u do one of the following after choosing a weapon.
A) Go with me
B) Say your going to find the other guy
C) Choose the other guy and leave me
D) Ditch me
E) Turn into a baby dragon
F) Become a slave

Yes these are all choices!
Rzxa you can:
A) Ditch us
B) Try to argue with queen
C) Try to find us
D)Try to find only me
E) Try to find only Charak
F) Steal the book
G) Go berserk
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By Rzxa
#102193 G
I go berserk and break and jump from the windows landing on rick face
Hmm whats this squisy pillow I'm sitting on
By 1Charak2
#102207 (maybe i could turn 2 and from the dragon form idk but i choose E anyway)

I collapse My visions starts to turn amber as my body goes into violent spazms as a age old energy surges thru me "why did i have to pick up that Gauntlet" i aske myself Before i collapse (what is happening to me!)
By Waterboyr
#102364 "OW! WHAT THE FRICK MA- Oh it's you. You missed the pillow laying next to me somehow. Anyway w- ... What the heck?"
I see what used to be Jack as a 3 foot human figure, except with wings and full on scales. He has a little scaly mane thing and yellow eyes. And no clothes. I covered my eyes.
*trolololola it backfired don't worry you'll turn into a dragon thought this would be funny*
A garment just covering his.... Magically appeared.
"You... are... part... dragon..."
*throws up rainbows*
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By Rzxa
#102395 Hmm a part human/dragon
Mind: ugh I feel pain on my chest
*fire starts coming out from banana chest*
An old lady appeared
She started saying
You three maybe are the three legendary heroes from the past that reincarnated
There was a Phoenix that blaze and keep on regenerating and he was known to be a d**k
And there was a dragon the strongest and the bravest and was known to be nice
Lastly the leader the human that has he power to make army's of pigs and girls