By 1Charak2
#102462 i swear to god i will rip ur Faces out and eat u "vision goes red with animilstic rage" Im Gonna kill u both "vision returns to normal" sorry Guys i think i have animilstic rage Anyway Why am i a dragon. what u need me to do "A firey sword apperas in my hand as i clutch my fist when i open my palm its gone" oh my Dragonic god what the """" was that "notices banna Spurting feathers holy crap ur a bird"

By Waterboyr
#102614 "Well technically your both half dragon and half phoenix...
You will probably turn back to normal or turn into the real things eventually... Hopefully..."
*realizes something*
"Why did I throw up rainbows? And um Banana you spaced out a bit... WAIT! Okay we were just normal people in the world and now we are here and you guys are half-monster? What's up with that!"
I grab the stick I chose and swing it to the side saying, "You don't see me doing any freaky things, I'm probably meant to go home a-"
A zap of light comes from the stick and goes towards a hill miles away and completely destroys it in a fiery explosion.
"... We should go on the path now. Quickly. It leads to that forest. Like we should go, now."
(And okay this is fun. =D Don't worry the lochness monster will return to the storyline)