By NinjaBoss315
#103013 Welcome, to the world of Pokemon,
Or at least, what you [i]thought[i/] was Pokemon.

This is my first RP Topic, so please help me out by participating.

Soaryn Heights is a new world for Pokemon, one with countless opportunities, as long as you are willing to chase them. Set in the Azura region, this is a way for us to wipe the slate clean. The region has a lack of towns, a depressing three towns and one city. Why is this? So we may forge our own towns, together. The landscape is similar in structure to Kalos, with slight differences. For start, what was Lumiose city in Kalos is now Soaryn Mountain, a jagged structure breaking the clouds far above. Atop of this mountain, nobody knows.

The towns are as follows:
- Viola Villa (Starting Town)
This is where your adventure will begin. As the first settlement of this new region, it is a port town. Containing a Lighthouse, an Inn, Ebony's Lab (You'll read about him later), a Cafe, and a small housing district, it isn't the largest of places. Along with it's port, Viola town contains a Mine, containing coal, iron, jewels, and Pokemon. This town doesn't have a gym.

- Floran Town
Floran Town contains one of the largest natural/farmer's market. With an amazingly huge farm to the east of it,it is based off of agriculture. There is, in fact, a gym here. The gym is Grass, led by the amazing Ivory, "the Girl of Growth" (now that I think about it, that could be taken in appropriately.). Floran Town has two residential areas, a Pokemon Center/PokeMart, an Inn, multiple Cafés, and a school. Sadly, this town isn't the largest of fans of outsiders, so you may have trouble getting in.

- Larson Town
Larson Town, the Dwarven Heaven. This lovely town is primarily a mining base. With a few residential areas, it is the largest of locations classified as a Town. There are caves beyond belief, being both a blessing and a curse. The economy there is booming, as jewels and metals are used more for trade then the regular paper PokeDollars. Sadly, cave systems plus Pokemon cause constant cave-ins, meaning insurance rates on housing is huge. There is another gym here, a ground type gym, led by Ravi, the master of Ravines. There is also a PokeBall Factory, currently not running.

- Kabold City
Kabold City is located around the base of Mt. Soaryn. This mountain town has three major sectors: The Arc (Rich People), The Root (Middle Class), and The Stain (Lower Class/Poverty). Each sector has housing, listed accordingly with their people. Kabold City contains a Casino, a department store, countless small-shops, countless restaurants, a school, and a plethora of miscellaneous shopping districts and parks. The Gym in this town is Flying, as the gym leader Gale has lived his life with the desire to ascend to the mountain top.

What makes this RP different from others?
- Well, to start, there is the opportunity to build your own towns. Yes, you can create gyms in your towns, but they may not be required for the oncoming Elite Four. This feature of the RP might be a bit complicated, but I'll work my hardest to get it rolling.
- Every starter, including Pichu and Eevee, is available, although if one is repeatedly chosen, I may have to start denying a few choices. Every region's starters, including Gen 6 starters, are available.
- I'm going to try my hardest to keep this RP alive. Every once in a while, if it's kinda slow, I'll invite some people to it or do something.
- I'm going to be saving info, such as on characters and their Pokes, in a private database, so I'll do my best with keeping track of everyone.
- We are going to use an economic system, based on PokeDollars. You can gain money by doing jobs, selling items/pokemon in exchanges, so on so forth. With money, you will be able to buy houses, or invest in others to help build a town.

- Respect people. I don't really want this to get too dramatic between people.
- Swearing is allowed, but please limit how much you do. The Pokemon community has younger fans, so watch your tongue.
- No "God Modding", or creating invincibility around yourself.
- Do not control major NPCs, which includes describing forced action.
- Have fun or die.
- Do not lie about your money. I may not be able to keep track of everything on it, but I can try my best to manage it.
- Do not control the environment TOO much. No shiny encounters without permission, no getting hit by lightning (unless your that bad at life), no forcing Legendary events.
- Seriously, have fun.

How to Join!
Use this method for signing up.
1. Select the Form.
2. Copy the Form.
3. Paste the Form in the comment box thing.
4. Fill in the blanks.

"I would like to sign up!"
Name (Real or Not):
Age (Real or Not):
Description of Social/Emotional Characteristics:
Description of Physical Characteristics:
On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you? (Any number lower than 1 or higher than 10 makes you a liar.):

Example Form:
"I would like to sign up!"
Name (Real or Not): Example McExampleson
Age (Real or Not): 69 Yrs Old
Starter: Mudkip
Description of Social/Emotional Characteristics: I'm Old, Old, oh so very old. I love Monopoly.
Description of Physical Characteristics: Wrinkly
Bio: I used to be an adventurer like you, but I got old.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you? (Any number lower than 1 or higher than 10 makes you a liar.): 6.9

My Character:
"I would like to sign up!"
Name (Real or Not): Arkas
Age (Real or Not): 19
Starter: Froakie (Shiny, bcuz I haz dat sweg)
Description of Social/Emotional Characteristics: Passionate and Adventurous, but modest. Loves to make new friends.
Description of Physical Characteristics: Black Hair, with streaks of deep blue. Black leather vest, Black denim pants, random colored gloves with the fingers cut off (not my fingers, the gloves.). Pokeball Necklace, dangling around my neck.
Bio: The son of Professor Ebony, I traveled the world in search of passion. Weeks after my father arrived in Azura, I arrived in Viola Town on a ferry. My mother greeted my, but sent me directly to Ebony's Lab, where I received Jiraya, my Shiny Froakie. Being Modest, like me, he seemed shy, but we grew onto each other. We've barely touched the outskirts of town, not even seeing the route to the next one. Maxwell Ebony, my father, told me to wait for others to join me on my adventures, so here I am, waiting for you.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you? (Any number lower than 1 or higher than 10 makes you a liar.): 6.9

Major Characters!
- Professor Maxwell Ebony - Gives you your starter Pokemon! He's a nice guy. Every day, he'll have random jobs for you to get you all some cash!
- Ivory - Grass Gym Leader. 1st Gym Leader. Freaking amazing person. Lives in Floran Town.
- Ravi - Ground Gym Leader. 2nd Official Gym Leader. Has Indian accent. Loves the Earth (The rockish earth, not the plant earth).
- Gale - Flying Gym Leader. 3rd Offical Gym Leader. Dreams to touch the Peak of mr. Soaryn.

As a general rule of thumb, use Parenthesis "( )" when breaking RP, such as asking a question. Use Astrics "*" when describing an action. Don't break these Guidelines.

As a note, I intend on switching my form to a Google Form, but I've been procrastinating. Have fun! I'll be on for a while, so feel free to post your application.

By 1Charak2
#103019 "I would like to sign up!"
Name (Real or Not): Shade
Age (Real or Not): 15
Starter: Eevee
Description of Social/Emotional Characteristics: Does not like to Talk Much Has a powerful bound with dark types
Description of Physical Characteristics: Black hair covering one eye black shirt with a white tshirt underneath "the shirt is won open" Cargo shorts "black gloves with the ends cut off" Plus a Moon Pendant worn round his neck
Bio: A orphan Who Made Friends With a Zorua in his orphanage but one day the zorua was taken away by a tax Collector has not trusted anyone but his pokemon since
"has a strange connection with dark types"
On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you? (Any number lower than 1 or higher than 10 makes you a liar.): idk i think 7-8
By corvus4982
#103026 "I would like to sign up!"
Name (Real or Not):Alex
Age (Real or Not):16
Description of Social/Emotional Characteristics:Hyper, Funny, Excited for Adventure
Description of Physical Characteristics:Scrawny, wears glasses
Bio:An orphan who was taken up by Red, the true Pokemon League Champion, and was basically raised by his Pokemon. At 10 years old, he is taken to the professor to be sent on an adventure, to set out on a new adventure in the brand new Azura region to discover what Pokemon can be found there, maybe even new ones!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you? (Any number lower than 1 or higher than 10 makes you a liar.):13
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By Pgnconan
#103028 "I would like to sign up!"
Name (Real or Not): Nicholas
Age (Real or Not): 13
Starter: Torchic
Description of Social/Emotional Characteristics: Nicholas is very anti social, often seen with an emotionless expression. Often when someone attempts to pry for even a simple bit of information they will notice the boy telling them it's none of their concern.
Description of Physical Characteristics: Nicholas has long dark brown hair, the hair next to his left eye serves the use of covering a scar. He is most commonly seen wearing a semi-worn out brown vest, and a flannel shirt, that appears to have two different shades of grey, yet they appear to blend from a distance. His pants are a similar shade to that of his shirt, yet they appear to be quite faded and worn out.
[center]Bio: (Warning, don't read if you don't like semi "gory" or "Creepy" stories.) She felt the cool touch of metal against her neck, she stood there, motionless, not daring to move, nor scream. Then came the sound of a raspy voice “Scream, and I’ll kill you.” With that, he slit the women's throat, and with that, Nicholas' mother, was dead.
He just stood there, motionless in the doorway, stuck in a world of shock and disbelief, where no one can save him, not even himself. The man slowly got up, cleaning the now bloody and cold dagger of the blood, that once ran through the veins of a caring, loving, and joyous human Mother.

Motionless, he stood there, still stuck in this horrible world of disbelief, and hatred, hatred towards the man that killed his Mother. Then he heard it, the same raspy voice from before, but this time he was talking towards him, grinning, “You’re not going to run, now are you?” With that he grabbed the head of the dead Women, and lifted her body up, throwing it towards the young boy. “Or you might end up like Mommy dearest here.” He then made his way towards Nicholas, but by that time the boy had slid down the door frame, cowering in disbelief, the disbelief that his mother had been murdered. Slowly the man moved the hair out of the boy’s face, grinning,”You have your mother’s eyes”, and with that he took the dagger that had just prior killed his mother. The man then slowly brought the dagger closer and closer to the boy’s face, “I think I’ll have to leave you a token to remember me by” and still grinning, he brought the dagger closer.

The boy then started muttering “No” slowly getting louder and louder while the dagger got closer and closer, until he could feel the cold smooth touch of metal right by his left eye. “NO!” were the last words the boy said before the man drew the dagger down the boy’s face. He was in tears while the man was laughing, laughing at the horrible deeds he had committed that day. “Now you’ll never forget this moment” the man chided, “The moment you're sweet old mother died!” With that he pointed at the dead women that stood by their feet, but for his last cruel deed he took the dagger, and plunged it deep through the woman's throat, laughing.[/center]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you? (Any number lower than 1 or higher than 10 makes you a liar.): Six, maybe Seven?
By NinjaBoss315
#103032 (I otta get the ball rolling from somewhere, so here goes nothing.)

*watches, from Prof. Ebony's roof top, the excited trainers arrive on the Silver Cresent, the ferry delivering people from around the world to the fine Azura region. Sits, near motionless, until mother throws a rock at my forhead.*
By corvus4982
#103034 *walks off ship and looks off onto the land* *takes Pokeball from back pocket* Alright, Charmander. We're gonna show off what we can do! *jumps off of bridge from ship and runs to professor's lab* *knocks on door* Hey, Prof! You home?
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By Pgnconan
#103037 *The young male watches the rest of the excited trainers arrive, trainers that most likely know nothing about sorrow, agony, and loneliness.* (I presume we're going to roleplay talking to the Professor and receiving our "Starter" Pokemon?)
By NinjaBoss315
#103038 *notices Alex in the doorway beneath. Jumps off the roof, landing a few feet behind him."

Ya looking for Professor Ebony? You literally passed him. He was waiting by the dock to meet you guys.