By NinjaBoss315
#103095 Well, Alex, I've got a list of trainers for dad- I mean the Professor. You're on here, so you must be good. Ever heard of people named Dux, Nicholas, or Shade? They're in a bold font, as with a few others. *starts listing off names*

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By Pgnconan
#103097 *Notices his name was mentioned, and decides to talk to the young man known as Arkas. After his decision he walks towards Arkas, and Alex, and says* "I'm Nicholas." *He said in a emotionless tone of voice.*
By NinjaBoss315
#103102 Hey Nicholas! Nice to meet ya. Ebony was talking about you earlier, something about a harsh past. Well, you're apparently important, so let's hop to the main event: Have you gotten your starter yet?

*looks into Nicholas' eyes, attempting to read him as a character. Finds my stomach turning at what appears to be a large scar on his face.*
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By Pgnconan
#103104 "No, I haven't gotten a starter yet." *He said, in an emotionless tone, while eyeing Arkas.*
By Waterboyr
#103116 *runs off of ferry and sprints but slips and slides landing on face*
I get up immediately brushing myself off.
By NinjaBoss315
#103144 Well, I can help you out there.
*Leans over and picks up the nearby Eevee, promptly handing it to Nicholas, along with its Pokeball.*
You guys have fun! I've got something to do real quick.
*Runs over to dock, holding out a hand for Dux*
By 1Charak2
#103232 backstory a bit It was a dark day at the orphanage They where losing money and where barely being feed the tax collector kept coming to take stuff from them and tats not the worst part The Old lady who looks after us had just fallen down the stairs Shes broken her leg and now shes struggling to care for us all however we still managed to live until one day the tax collector Stormed in with his houndoom and demanded we get handed over to the goverment as the old ladie was sick and could not care for us he did not care that we where managing ok he just wanted the money The old ladies Delcatty walked in and started to scratch the papers the tax collecter gave it a swift kick "you stupid cat get out of my way" Houndoom then attacked it with Fire fang The old ladie was screaming at him to stop My vision fazed for a second before coming back into focus I could hear 3 voices from that room but theirs only 2 people in it The tax collecter picks up delcatty Ill be taking that Thats when I hear houndoom speak it was a low growling laugh I retorted back in shock What is happening to me why can i hear pokemon speak The old Ladie was so scared She died of fright. me and my friends in the orphanage are trying to keep it running with the help of the last couple of pokemon left but we Really needed money One day we found a poster emphazing the pokemon league with a grand prize of 100000 poke so we decided among ourselfs who is the strongest it turns out it was me so we used the last of our money to buy a boat ticket to go to a new region to win its league...

Present day
The wind is breezing round my face as the island comes into view eventually we are docked I don't talk to anyone i just make my way to the lab as fast as possible
I burst through the door a Froakie was looking around intently "eevee bursts out of its pokeball and starts playing with froakie" i can't help but smile watching them play togather
Froakie tells eevee that it loves its new trainer Then they start playing chase But then i notices froakies trainer...
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By Pgnconan
#103268 *Looks down into the eyes of the Eevee that was promptly forced upon him.*