By 1Charak2
#103289 Whats ur name it seems froakie likes you Take good care of it "i leave without another word" eevee walks after me

Walks into a forest Pawnaird are beating up a Scatterbug for berries They cut Scatterbug on the eye with slash
*twig Crunchs* oh god "the pawnaird turn around They bare their claws I can hear their thoughts of pure Malice
It seems im in a tight spot i refuse to fall at this hurdle
*go Eevee*
Eevee use Tackle attack
One of the pawnairds Hits a tree and faints The others Start attacking with shadow ball
Eevee Use quick Attack To dodge *eevee is fast but they move faster* No eevee
all the pawnaird use Metal claw I only have one shot at this Eevee BIte "eevee bites the nearest pawnaird"
But its not enough one of the metal claws connect and eevee is sent Flying
This is our last Chance eevee You ready "eevee looks up to me and nods"
Eevee Use Last Resort "A golden light Surrounds eevee" Which explodes making a gold explosion
All the pawnaird Faint But from the trees Come's their Leader Bisharp Who attacks with Dark pulse
Eevee Goes flying And Faints i hit a tree Bisharp moves in for the kill suddendly A Lavritar bursts out from a bush and uses Rock Throw Bisharp is knocked out due to already being weakened by eevees last resort
Lavaritar walks up to me and gives me a berrie and feeds one to eevee who wakes up Laviritar Also Takes one of my pokeballs and says to me "u really need someone to help you and your eevee win more battles i will be your guardian" and with that it hops into the pokeball which clicks "i fall alsleep exhausted as a pair of eyes watchs me
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By Pgnconan
#103308 *Nicholas notes that the Eevee's tail is wagging, he assumes this means the Pokemon is in a jolly mood.* "At least one of us is happy." *He muttered under his breath, in the normal emotionless tone.*
By Waterboyr
#103320 "Nope, I don't have a starter... I came here for one."
By NinjaBoss315
#103322 Prof. Ebony: Well, now that we've got a decent circle of trainers at this point, I better explain. You've all recieved invitations from me, special documents assuring that you have been previously tested. By the end of today, we'll have a competition. You have until roughly 5pm EST, or 10pm GST, to train your Pokes. If you haven't recieved your Pokemon yet, head over to my lab. Let's get this race going! Winner will receive 300 PokeDollars, Second Place will get 200, Third gets 100, everyone else gets 50.

(As a note, I might not be active for a bit, I'm trying to develop a system for building towns.)

*Rushes into the woods with Jiraya, my Shiny Froakie. Within a few minutes, I have half a team, adding in a Starly and a Rattata. Names the Starly "Falco" and the Rattata "Chestnut"*

(As a second note, if you want a Shiny Encounter, just ask and I might approve ;D)
By Waterboyr
#103338 I walk into the lab and see loads of pokemon. I try to decide which one to choose. Squirtle... No, I love squirtles but I want something more... what is it er....
I pick up turtwig and put him into the pokeball.
"This feels right. I'll take turtwig!"
I run down a path with turtwig in my arms and stop when I see a pokemon.
"What is that...?"
A marill stands in my path.
"Okay turtwig use absorb! Just keep using absorb!"
Marill tries charm and bubble but I quickly win and beat a few nearby marills the same way.
"Alright! Razor Leaf!"
I beat and Azumarill and feel good about training.
"Now lets catch some pokemon!"
I see a scyther battling another scyther...
"I'll catch whichever one I can..."
Suddenly I realize there is an angry scizor behind me, and this might be a battle of families or leaders...
And if I'm anywhere near there it means that I'm wanting to be leader...
I duck as Scizor slashes where my head was and I roll away. I start running and going towards the scyther.
There is a flash of light behind me and the scizor is now in front of me. He mega-evolved.
"Turtwig razor leaf his chest!"
Turtwig is still in my arms, and the scizor is knocked back into the fight with the scythers.
I wait for the perfect time when on scyther is knocked away from the others and use razor leaf and throw a pokeball.
"Yes I caught a-"
As I go and pick up the pokeball the scyther and scizor all look at me.
"Uh... Bye now!"
I run away as fast as I can not looking back but hearing the buzz of wings.
By 1Charak2
#103346 Wakes Up alert Theirs a massage for me on my poketec (phone) yeadda yeadda yeadda Train hard for tournament Ok got it
Stands up eevee and lavitar are explorin *larvesta Bursts out from a bush* Nice a Lavesta Ok this will be easy
Eevee use quick attack
Larvesta is knocked back and enraged and uses Ember
Eevee dodge with quick attack Come on Keep hitting it
Larvesta can't keep up and faints
go pokeball Yes i got a Larvesta imma call u Blaze
hell Yea Time to search for other pokes!
By NinjaBoss315
#103372 *Is finishing fighting a Scyther when Jiraya becomes cloaked in a strange white light.*
*Jiraya has evolved into Frogadier!*
Heck yea!

*Continues training, catching a Mawile in the process*
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By Pgnconan
#103374 *Nicholas places the Eevee by his side after the Professor finished his speech* "Well, we have to start somewhere." *He said in a tone of voice that had a hint of joy.*
The sun blazed down upon his face, filling him with warmth, the rush of wind against his body gave him reassurance, reassuring him that he can make something of his once horrid, lonely, and dark past.
Gliding past multiple people and Pokemon, Nicholas, and his new found companion, dashed down a path. Stopped once by a old man Nicholas received five Pokeballs, the man said it was a gift, to help him begin his journey. Now back on track Nicholas. and his companion, made their way towards a beautiful forest, leaving behind the horrible cluttered Viola Villa.
Once entering the forest Nicholas, and his partner, made their way over many roots, of various sizes. There were various Pokemon in the trees, Pidgey, Tailow, Starly, and many more.
Nicholas stopped, looking around for anything to possibly battle, and catch, easily. There were various Caterpies, and Weedles, climbing both up, and down, trees. Nicholas quickly dismissed them, not finding them suitable to catch, nor battle. The rushing of a bush could be heard, turning towards the bush Nicholas prepared for anything to possible pop out. Eevee turned in the direction of the bush, following the gaze of her trainer. A Poochyena emerged from the bush, proudly holding a branch in its jaws. Swiftly Nicholas acted, decided that Poochyena fit all his requirements. "Swift." And in that instance Eevee appeared to swing its tail in an arch, releasing what appeared to be multiple stars. The attack hit its target, but, sadly, the branch was hit, causing it to snap. The Poochyena was enraged by this act, charging forward he attempted to bite the Eevee's leg. Sadly, she wasn't fast enough to evade the attack, and the jaw clamped around her leg. She let out a wail of pain, causing various bird Pokemon to take flight. "Bring your head down upon his skull." Nicholas said, with slight enthusiasm. responding to what her trainer asked Eevee brought her head crashing down upon the Poochyena's skull, causing him to yelp, and jump backwards, releasing his tight grip. "Swift." He said, the Eevee obeyed, but to their dismay the Poochyena was prepared, and the attack missed. "Quick attack, let's finish this." Nicholas said, with great enthusiasm. Once more the Eevee obeyed, dashing forward she hit the Poochyena in the ribs, causing him to be tossed back a small distance. Noticing the Poochyena struggling, and failing to get up due to pain, Nicholas took out a Pokeball from his pocket. He clicked it once, causing it to enlarge to the size of a Baseball. Aiming he threw the Pokeball at the injured Poochyena, causing it to disappear. The Pokeball was shaking, as if the Pooochyena was attempting to escape. But, after a few shakes the Pokeball stood still. Cheerfully Nicholas made his way towards the Pokeball, with Eevee following, and picked it up. Nicholas now had a new companion, a new friend.
By NinjaBoss315
#103387 (I'll put this in a spoiler and on the main page, but I've pretty much worked out how to make a town.
The Basics ~
Since this region has a definite lack of towns, we need to fix that. The Town system is run off of Timburr, Gurdurr, and Conkledurr. First of all, you need at least one of those mentioned beforehand, preferably a Conkledurr, as it can work Wood, Metal, and Stone. The second requirement is a lot of money, upwards of 50K PokeDollars. Each of the Pokemon will build faster as they level up, so a level 1 Timburr will take several RL days to build a single building, while a level 50 Conkledurr can build the same structure in a few hours. A third thing you might want is a decent group of partners also wanting to build a town, as it can expedite the process. This isn't needed, but recommended. Also, having several of the Building Pokemon on you at once can rapidly increase building rate, up to 6x faster. Build times are measured in Days, pretty much how long it would take a Level 1 Timburr (The slowest possible builder) to build it.

Available Buildings ~
Every possible building has a build time and a Pokemon requirement. For example, a Small House might take 1 Day, and require a Timburr or better, while a Pokemon Center requires 3 Days and a Gurdurr.
Small House: 1 Day, Timburr
Medium House: 1.5 Days, Timburr
Large House: 3 Days, Gurdurr
Small Shop: 0.5 Days, Timburr
Medium Shop: 1.5 Days, Gurdurr
Large Shop: 2.5 Days, Gurdurr
Department Store: 5 Days, Conkledurr
Pokemon Center: 3 Days, Gurdurr
PokeMart: 3 Days, Gurdurr
PokeCenter/Mart Combo: 5 Days, Conkledurr

That's all I can come up with for now. Also, you must have approval to build a new town. Eventually, I will make a completely different form just for towns, but for now, just ask.
By 1Charak2
#103388 (god pgn your posts are pretty dark)

*in a cave* oh god i hate confined spaces "the darkness is comforting though" i make my way into a clearing and find Some pokemon that i need
"sees a absol oh goody"
Go Larvitar Use Rock tomb "rocks come flying and pin absol Down"
Absol Replys with Night slash *larvitar is hurt but does not budge a inch"
Larvitar Use Dark pulse "a wave of energy smacks into absol"
"absol uses Hyper beam" Larvitar Dig now
"larvitar disappers under ground
Now Strike "it attacks absol from underneath sending it into the cave ceiling" excellant Go Pokeball "thum Thum thum Click" excellant i got a absol "hears a scampering noise"
A dieno is trapped under a rock "i left it up" dieno is only a baby hm it knows dragon breath and pursuit cool Dieno u run along now " i head for the exit Dieno follows Dieno u want to come with me It nods its head I give it a berry and catch it Nice I got 2 new Pokemon