By NinjaBoss315
#103497 (Results!)
1st Place (300 PokeDollars) - Nicholas
2nd Place (200 PokeDollars) - Arkas
3rd Place (100 PokeDollars) - Alex
Everyone Else (50 PokeDollars) - Shade, Dux
Congrats to everyone!

Prof. Ebony: Well, now that the Tourny is over, you all better get moving along. The next town, Floran Town, awaits you! And, to help, here are some Town Maps, which ironically show the whole region... Even though it's a TOWN Map...

*Rushes into Prof. Ebony's Lab, grabbing a Torchic. After grabbing it, runs over to Nicholas.*

Your documentation says you wanted a Torchic. Now that the rush for 'em has died down, here's your true starter :D
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By Pgnconan
#103501 *Nicholas gratefully accepts the Torchic, returning it to his Pokeball.* "Thank you, and before I go would you be able to tell me where one would acquire a Helioptile?" *He said, in a tone of voice that had some joy mixed into it.*
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By Pgnconan
#103546 After thanking Arkas for the information Nicholas heads towards the shore with Mightyena at his side. Once on the shore Nicholas and his companion walk along it for some time, seeing no trace of a Helioptile, that is, until they come across multiple boulders in a cluster. Standing on-top of the largest boulder was a Helioptile, looking towards the ocean, with its ears flapping in the breeze. Slowly Nicholas returned his Mightyena, and released his Riolu, all while the Helioptile was staring into the ocean. "Force Palm." He said, and thus the Riolu ran up the rocks, towards the Helioptile. The Helioptile was promptly hit in the back of its skull, falling face first into the rock's slightly smooth surface. "Feint." He said, but, before Riolu could act he got promptly hit by a thunder shock from Helioptile. Quickly regaining his senses Riolu used Feint on the Helioptile, causing it to struggle to even hold itself up. Noticing this Nicholas took out a Pokeball from his pocket, enlarged it, and threw it towards the Helioptile. The Pokemon promptly dissipated, sadly, due to the down slope of the rock the Pokeball rolled down the steep slope, and landed in the sand. Due to the rolling of the Pokeball the Helioptile wasn't able to escape its new found prison. Noticing the Pokeball not moving after several moments Nicholas asked Riolu if he would be able to get it on his way down the slope, and so he did, handing the Pokeball to his trainer Riolu knew he had not only gained a new ally, but a new friend.
By Waterboyr
#103703 "Scizor... STOP!"
The scizor slashes at the Nicholas from behind.
"I'm so sorry he-... Are you okay?"
Team update:
I want to skip all of the catching because honestly it's not very interesting.
And a spot left for my pokemon I'll one day find...
By 1Charak2
#103872 "is Sitting on the beach watching the waves And thinking "i have 6 pokemon now it should be more then enouth" a helioptile runs past...
hm helioptile ill battle whoever catchs that....
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By Pgnconan
#103945 Nicholas abruptly got slashed in the back while putting the Pokeball away in his pocket. Letting out a cry of pain Nicholas stumbled forward, tripped, and landed face first in the sand. The back of his vest and shirt were torn, revealing a gash in his back, which had some blood flowing from it, beginning to stain his clothing red. Nicholas pushes himself up, "What the hell do you think?" He said, in an aggravated tone of voice.
By NinjaBoss315
#104089 *Bursts out of the forest, ready for my first adventure.*
So this is the famous Floran City... Quite beautiful.
*Ventures over to the nearby Markey Square. The smell of herbs is thick in the air, like a scented fog. Pulling out the money I won from the Tourny, I buy a few medicines, such as Revival Herbs and a Thick Root. Feeling quite happy, I even pick up some Oran Berries for my Pokes. After spending quite a bit of money, I read the sign of the Grass Gym: "No Level Cap. Grass Gym. Led by Ivory, the Girl of Growth."
Time to grind my butt off...
*Stampedes back into the forest, prepped to train. You'll see the results in a bit, when I update my Trainer Card."