By Waterboyr
#104095 "Er... Not okay... Sorry I don't why Scizor woul-"
Scizor knocks me down flat and sends me flying. He is holding a mega-evolution stone and mega-evolves, and rampages
I'm knoked unconscious as all my pokemon try to calm scizor down.

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By Pgnconan
#104100 Nicholas reaches into his pocket and hastily brings out a Pokeball, hastily enlarging it, and releasing a Torchic. "Ember." He chided, the Torchic hastily obeyed his new trainer, launching a fury of heat towards the Scizor's eyes. "Return the damned thing!" He shouted, while releasing a Mightyena to stay by his side.
By Waterboyr
#104102 *knocked out*
Grotle uses razor leaf which is deflected, and it seems to be too powerful in a rampage... And fast.
By 1Charak2
#104239 Notices Scizor going piss angry at the 2 trainers My god It needs to be calmed down but how...
I did not want to have to use this but i must "Go Larvitar" Use Dragon dance "larvitar starts doin a mystical dance and raises its attack and speed"
Ok This is it we got one shot while its distracted Larvitar Use Outrage! "larvitar Goes into a incredible rage and Attacks Scizor They Exchange blows" but as scizor is a steel tip hes not getting hurt as much as larvitar" larvitar keep it Up Come on Now "scizor attacks back Its a critical hit" Larvitar can't attack anymore ashamed he evolves into his Evolution and faces the sun not talking to anyone "scizor Attacks it with its Claws It turns around and use Rock Slide to disables scizors movements "Return Pupitar" It sadly goes into its pokeball thinking how it failed to defeat scizor "who just breaks free from the rocks" im out of options But i will fight on Absol Go! "absol notices Scizor in its mega evo and looks at me like its trying to tell me something" i reach into my pocket and find a stone Glowing mutiple Colors "absol takes it from my hand and mega evo's" while causing a large explosion due to the energy in the air from 2 mega evolutions about to Battle it out "a rock hits my face i faint before i can see the outcome"...
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By Pgnconan
#104369 Noticing the two knocked out Nicholas gave his Mightyena a simple command, "Roar." Nicholas covered his ears, while his companion responded, releasing an ear splitting roar, directed towards the Mega evolved Scizor. In a flash of red light the Scizor returned to its Pokeball.
By 1Charak2
#104380 And and i stand back up to see absol returned to its pokeball due to mightyenas roar (mega evolution i tought that has some power in fact alot of power) Ok Well See U guys Runs Back into the Forest I got To train!
By Waterboyr
#104441 But when the dust clears, I'm gone. *ill post more in a second... Had to post quick sorry for small posts!*
By NinjaBoss315
#104469 (Um, no plz don't do dis to meh. I don't know if early game is a good time for any Megas. That includes Mega Stones. Might re-introduce them later on, but not on the 7th page.)
By Waterboyr
#104474 (Find pretend it didn't happen...)
"The pokemon?"
I was staring face to face with the pokemon... THE pokemon I've been searching for. And then I blinked and I was at the pokemon center near the ocean.
I stare at scizor in my ball.

I walk out to the beach where people play. There is a spot where it's shallow but deep enough for pokemon and has a deep area and sandbank in the water nearby away from the beach so pokemon that would be on those are there too!
Okay Scizor... I've only focused on evolving you all... So now for some training!

A pair of wild barboach have appeared!
"Okay Scizor Agility and dodge their water attacks. They are going in for a physical slam, so counter it with metal claw! Now while they are stunned use rapid fury cutters! Okay almost... YES! We beat them!"
I cheer.
I think that Scizor won't celebrate or want to enjoy the beach, so I act like we will keep training non-stop. But instead, he splashes me.
"Ah! Oh Scizor you think you can do that? Hmph!"
I splash him back.
He punches the sand and water flies all over me.
I send out all my pokemon and from the shallow to the deep, we splash everywhere if we can swim there. We train more, mostly grotle and scizor. but Svixor is now my friend.
My other pokemon cheer us on and play in the water.
And as I call out more commands and get splashed, I don't notice the pair of eyes watching me from afar. Analyzing my every move.
By NinjaBoss315
#104487 (Thanks for understanding.)

I think we're ready for the gym. How about you guys? *Gets an amazing response of all my Pokemon nodding. As I adventure into the Gym, I realize the entire room changes perspective, as the Gym is designed like a tree, forcing you to fight from the roots, to the trunk, to the branches, where the Gym Leader resides.*
Ivory: Well, hello! This is the Grass gym, home of the finest type there is. Time for us to fight! *Ivory sends out a Tropius, similar to what Dux has. Deciding I want the element of surprise, I select Jiraya to fight.*
Jiraya, Ice Beam! *Jiraya listens well, allowing a 4x Weakness Icebeam to hit the Tropius. Since it's down, Ivory sends out Abamasnow, one where Ice Beam does regular damage.*
Jiraya, return. Mo (My name for Scrafty), time to shine. Show them what you got with a Fire Punch! *Pretty safe to say its a OHKO. Next comes a Parasect, who swiftly uses Bug Buzz for a swift KO.*
Um... Staraptor, c'mon out! Use Brave Bird and finish this! *The match is over, Ivory hands me the Badge and the TM Grass Knot.*

HEX YEA! First Badge!