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LogantheFirst wrote:Nickname (if u want one):
Pokemon (legendarys are allowed To some extent): Lucario
Moves (in the story you eventually how to use these moves properly you learn more as the story progress's): Aura Sphere, Detect, Metal Claw, ExtremeSpeed
Special features (shiny Shadow Scars etc): the green team lucario from SSBB


By LogantheFirst
#117600 *wakes up in the middle of a forest, hearing water nearby * "What happened last night, Where am I, and OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? alright calm down this is probably a dream, now lets try to find others and find out what happened" *heads towards the water*
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#117690 wakes the others are gone

I walk towards a lake and Fall in.

still exhausted from my fight with the trevanent
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#118231 "Ok, lets see here. I have no idea where I am, I have turned into a pokemon, and I cannot remember a thing about my past. Great. Just great."
looks up to see a victini across the lake. I yell across the lake, "Hey, do you know where we are?"
No answer, yell louder "Hey, do you know where we are?" Still no answer so I head towards the victini
By LogantheFirst
#119215 hearing him and looking up I realize that it is almost night so i pick up the victini and head through the clearest path trying to find shelter or others.
After a while I start to hear voices so I head towards the voices.
"Alright so what do we have to do again?" said a bulbasaur, "We have to get some chesto berries in this forest for a piplup. The reward is 500 poke" states a snivy. a cry for help is heard from just inside the forest. "You heard that to. Didn't you" "We should go help whoever that was." they run into the forest to find out where the cry for help came from.
Seeing them come I state "Help. I found this pokemon knocked out with pokemon starting to surround him. I managed to get them away, but they may return. I am to weak to fight any more of those, we need shelter" the snivy responds "We know of a place you can go, we will escort you there." We head out.
By LogantheFirst
#120501 "So why is almost everyone so hostile?" I ask
"A while back yveltal had mewtwo enslave the minds of alot of pokemon. Small groups of pokemon whoo aren't under their control try to help others and recruit them with the intention of overthrowing yveltal. We are constantly getting attacked and are currently in a losing fight but the power inside your friend might help us tip the scales. We must keep yveltals army from getting him or it will be the end of us." The snivy explained
" Isn't going against a pokemon who could easily kill you just to extend its own lifespan a suicide mission?"
"Maybe. But this has to stop. And victini will be the first of the legendaries we are recruiting."
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By Aichu
#120685 Nickname (if u want one:Aichu
Pokemon (legendarys are allowed To some extent):Raichu
Moves (in the story you eventually how to use these moves properly you learn more as the storie progress's)Quick attack, thunder,thunderwave and thundershock
Special features (shiny Shadow Scars etc)Scar under his eye