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By Aichu
#115869 This is RP About a pokemon island , what is covered with all shiny pokemon.

Lets start this:
Walks of a boat
*Lets see what is this island made of!*

Throws out Raichu

Walks into a jungle
*Was that a sewaddle?*
Follows the sewaddle

Raichu and Aichu Are confused

Comes closer to sewaddle
*What the heck? your color is changed? How?*
By 1Charak2
#115897 so no application ok

Falls from skie Hugging Tight to victinis Fainted body

Covered in flames as i hit the ground in front of a blonde kid and lose consousness...
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By Aichu
#115903 Is scared as shit.
*Who the hell are you?*
By 1Charak2
#115970 Coughing Soot From My lungs
My name is Charak...

So thats The voice i heard (looking towards aichus raichu.)
(uses max revive on victini)
Well Ill See you around "i walk away with a smile on my face"
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By Aichu
#115978 *Uh.. that was weird*
start slowly continuing walking.

*But where did he come from?*
Notices a oran berry

*Here raichu , have it!
*Gives oran berry to Raichu
By 1Charak2
#116031 Victini Should we tell that kid what we are doing Here

Victini Shakes his head

We gotta stop that evil orgainistaion from doing their experiments

They took the tao trio from unova

and now they are using the energy of these shiny pokemon

to do... "victini Shouts"

What is it (a guard has victini by the ears)

Let him Go

(the guard Smiles And pulls out the gun as the cold metal press against my face
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By Aichu
Raichu uses thunderbolt

*What do you mean by shiny?, that is you call "Shiny"?
By 1Charak2
#116172 Victini Jumps on my Shoulder

Shiny Pokemon are a Spicail type of pokemon They have a Extremly Rare gene...
they can be found in breeding and sometimes in the wild

They have a mystical aura shown when u throw them out the pokeball...
those people want to harness this aura to destroy the Universe...
Victini Brought me Here After it protected me From A black rayquaza owned by the leader of this orginization...

Now we must Move Do u know anywhere we can be safe...?
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By Aichu
#116176 Do i?
*Makes sweet face*

when i was kid ,there were no shinys over here , just pokemon , and i made a secret cave , where i lived.
then the time came when i had to leave , and now im here.

*Raichu talks with victini*
By 1Charak2
#116185 So this is the Cave You speak off... Its quite Comfy So what do u want to know about the enenmie :