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By Aichu
#116445 Wait , i remember him , she was my buddy as a kid , he was ralts werent u
*Gardevoir starts talking*
Aichu? You're talking about Aichu and his bud raichu?
*Aichu aka torchic talks*
Thats me. what happened to this place?
By 1Charak2
#116447 i wake to see Gardivor discussing with aichu about the ruins South of the glade...

She tells him about hte ruins And how the legendarys restore their power from the original victini
but due to the meddling of humans the Great energys victini gets its powers from where tainted It became evil...
it was barely holding its self togather with its old trainer Who lay as a zorua...
that final battle did it it unleashed to much energy and became demonic
That eevee Was givin the last of its holy energy...
That raichu was Givin the gift of sensing emotions...
and their trainers where changed into pokemon by the last holy energy to protect the island...
they where each givin a abilty

Charak had The combat skills and the Sense of justice and the passion to care for pokemon

and aichu u aichu had the hope and dreams of all the pokemon... U where purged of the dark just like charak thats why it rose to the surface like a rage...

plese save us all Now rest We have alot of work to do
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By Aichu
#116448 *Challenge accepted*
We'll do our best, but we'll need your help. But first , we need to learn some moves and level up.
will you help us gardevoir?
But the question remains , we need to meet the legenderys first. because we can get help from them.
what do you think?
By 1Charak2
#116449 Gardivor replys yes i will help you But u can't help the legendarys They are all tainted... by victini

Victini has to die or the world will be destroyed
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By Aichu
#116452 But but, we need to revive the legendarys first? Or if we kill victini , he'll give all legendary's powers and stuff back? and we'll turn back to human
*Thinks about it*
By 1Charak2
#116454 I wake up and And cringe over to torchic

no we won't become human when we kill victini We are pokemon forever...
thats how it will be Aichu thats how it will be...

and the legendarys will try to kill us on sight not to mention we gotta defeat that evil organisation

we got our work cut out...
i return to my leafen bed and sleep...
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By Aichu
#116455 But i dont want to be a pokemon forever, my dream was being electric type master but its over , i'll help you kill victini , but i'm not being pokemon forever thats for sure , i'm dieng , i dont want to be controlled :(
*Gets his battle face on and gets training*
By 1Charak2
#116457 their is a way...

but... it will only work for one of us...

faces aichu ok lets Spar off hit me with ur best shot...
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By Aichu
#116458 *Uses ember*
not that effective uh?
*Uses peck*
By 1Charak2
#116459 phases Comes Behind Aichu... and headbutts him

How did i do that...
u used faint attack Charak.. "gardivor tells me"

Aichu retorts with peck
i retort with Fury Swipes...