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By Aichu
#116460 *Attacks back with peck*
Grows lvl 15
Owyea! More stats!
*uses twice peck*
By 1Charak2
#116461 has Diffeculty Retorting back

from double peck Starts to grow Scared... i Scream And a Shockwave of dark energy Erupts from my Fur (Night daze)

It knocks aichu back but it harms Eevee and raichu,,, I run over to say sorry but i can't not till the sparing is over...
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By Aichu
#116568 *Does another double peck*
how did you like that?

*Uses ember*
By 1Charak2
#116569 I don't know...

"uses Faint attack to dodge ember"

Phew. U gotta fight with all your Soul...

"i use dig and burrow underground"
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By Aichu
#116571 *Dodges dig*
*Uses double peck*
if this doesnt hit , i'm screwed :/
By 1Charak2
#116573 It hits And im sent Sprawling into the Dirt...

I get up and Attack with Fury swipes...

I gonna win this sparing contest
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By Aichu
#116574 my last move , if this hits i may evolve and he may be dead
if it doesnt and he attacks , i'm done
Lets do this like we never have done it before.
By 1Charak2
#116577 Aichu Rushs Forwards towards me

he seems Faster then before...

it realise in horror its his abilty Speed Boost

hes to fast and i take the Double Peck...

I am sent spinning into a tree...
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By Aichu
#116580 *Quick gives him a berry and starts evolving*
tutututututut.. tatata! torchic turned into combusken!
I'm sorry man!
By 1Charak2
#116581 its alright I laugh i as i lay Human then turn back to zorua....

so that my ability Illusion. hm that might come in handy Aichu it seems Ur stronger now... We could possible destroy one of the 5 Towers....

ok we need to get Ur absol and Scyther And then we can raid the south western tower...