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[center]Hello! It's been a really long time since my last roleplay and for that i am sorry.
But back to buisness this is a roleplay that i've been thinking about for sometime, drawing inspiration from my cousin who came up with the original idea.
I am really excited to get started again and i hope this roleplay becomes very popular.
So with that, let's get started![/center]

[center]London,UK 2014
I stood on a skyscraper, scanning the wide viewspace below me. my eyes narrowing as i watched the people below me.
it was buisness as usual in the gloomy city below. Sighing in dissapointment i began to search for a better vantage point.
i stepped back a few steps, taking in the view as i went. then quickly i began running and threw all the force i had available into my leg,
hurling myself from the building. as i did so my hands and feet started disintegrating at the tips and working towards my torso and head.
they didn't simply disappear though, they turned to sand. just floating in the breeze, i now resembled a faceless figure of sand.
my featurless face (excluding the shifting sand making up my head.) scanned the area below me.
my gaze stopped on an alley off one of the main roads, the alley seemed stereotypically suspicious.
i hovered a few meters above the alleyway finally laying eye on what i was looking for.
i saw a dark shadow, though it is not the same shadow you might think...this shadow was not two dimensional stuck to the ground.
this shadow was three dimensional and it was crouching in the darkness of the alleyway.
this one resemble a squat, human-like figure. they can usually take the form of many things, why the shadow chose this he was not sure.
the shadow was rummaging through trash that the wind blew into the damp path.
this one is a stray. i thought. it doesn't have any affiliation with evil forces. strays are usually passive by nature and only cause trouble when bothered.
even then they only play harmless and pointless pranks. such as stealing shoes and such. with another sigh i pushed away from the roof. i'll probably have better luck tommorow. i said to myself as i floated off.[/center]

[center]1.All forum rules apply here.
2.Do not make your character overpowered or invincible.
3. do not kill another character without character owner's permission.
4.Do not overreact or underreact to a situation.
5. be nice.
6. no inappropriate content
7.keep blood and such to a minimum...we want a fight, not a mess. may swear but not too much. soon as you make your character you are allowed to post, don't wait to be accepted.
10.A maximum of three characters are aloud and must be assigned a color to make sure there is no confusion.
11.Enjoy the roleplay :D[/center]

[center]Character Application.[/center]
Text Color: (Only if you have multiple characters.)

[center]My Character App.
Appearence:Light skin, Deep Brown eyes,Blonde-Light Brown hair that is spiked up at the front
Clothing:Brown hooded jacket, Jeans, Black tennis shoes, fingerless leather gloves.
Weapons:A Stone,Two-Handed Sword.
Abilities:the ability to control and manipulate sand and stone.
History:Many years in the past there lived a king, who more than anything loved his throne. one day he was visited by a psychic who told him his son would overthrow him should he remain in the country. the king, enraged sent the woman away, but what she said had worried him. when his son was born the king sent the boy to the country that would one day be known as britain. the boy grew up as a scholar due to his adopted family being educators. one day patramusso was explaining a theory to other scholors they laughed at him. patramusso then set out to prove himself right. he came across a ruin that had long since eroded away. the scholar aproached runes upon the stone. which are the runes he had been looking for. he began translating the runes and as he finished he began to hear a voice in his mind. the voice made him to beleive he would become invincible with his help. though the voice had tricked the scholar and he began to fall apart as sand. the voice took pity on him upon hearing the scholars cries of pain. he told the scholar that he will be able to become strong by using the knowledge of the earth. the scholar at first knew not what the voice had meant. though as he concentrated the sand often moved. he began to control the sand and he formed his own body. the scholar being made of stone was immortal. and was difficult to kill.
Other:growing up in britain gave him a pretty cool accent.[/center]

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#117086 Damn this sounds like the first fun one I've seen in a bit.
I'll for sure join this once I get back on my laptop to type my shit out

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#117231 [center]Character Application.[/center]

Name: Ahkitio Cartman
Nickname: Akkey or Akk
Gender: Male

Messy brown hair that swoops to the right, tanned-ish Caucasian skin, dark hazelnut eyes, a dirtied green sweater that has a blue hood and usually wears jeans.
His build is very slim from living off of the streets most of his life but not crazy skinny as if he has never eaten. He usually gets a good meal or two a day.

Akke usually carries around his trusty Katana that his dad had gave to him on his death bed. He cherishes this weapon and only uses it when necessary, because after all he is very skilled with just two fists as well.

Akhitio has the ability to move extremely fast, and extremely quiet. However, using this ability that he has gained drains energy fast as well. Akkey will feel very week after prolonged use and needs to hydrate very often.

Akhitio has always lived deep in the city, he never liked the country, never liked sight seeing. He liked the bustling cities at night, he felt is was calm and very pretty with all the cars coming and going on the highway. The signs from stores, the street lights, everything.
Akhitio had a very strong connection with his dad since his mom had left him very early, about when he was six. She just got up and left because she needed more money to survive. Akkey didn't care much for her anyways she was always a stubborn bi*** and she would always try and make him do her hard work for her.
When Akhitio started struggling with school and started losing friends, all he had was his dad. So he dropped out of Highschool early into his eleventh grade, meaning that he would have a lot of time to spend with his dad.
After he had gotten old enough, his dad decided he would let him in on the family business, his dad sold home made soup. Everyone seemed to love it, however not enough people would buy it since it was in a run down part of town. All Akhitio's life for a long while was just spending time with his dad and making soup, until one day; after his dad had finished meditating before bed he said, "Good night Akkey" and rubbed his hair and made it all messy.
Akhitio watched his dad go, and those were the last words his dad spoke. As he died that night while sleeping.
Akhitio was heart broken and didn't know what to do... He saw a piece of paper on his bed that read.

[center]Dear Akkey,
I know this is very sudden and hard for you to understand... But i've been terminally ill for a very long time, i'm lucky that i've been able to be with you this long to be completely honest. I left the remainder of my money in the drawer, along with the money I was saving for your new car on your birthday. Ah... If only I could have gotten you that first car. Over by my bed side is my Katana, that my father gave to me on my 30th birthday. I want you to have it, cherish it. I know there will be troubles down the road but please don't do anything you will regret. Use it only when necessary.
All of my other belongings are yours as well, I don't have much but I hope you can be happy on your own. Live life a little!
Forever yours,

So in the present day Akhitio has $30 000 left in his wallet, one set of dirtied clothes and a Katana. He doesn't visit his dad's shop very much because he decided he wouldn't pay the bills and the place just generally gives off a bad vibe now. He can't bear to go back there so he moved on and just idly wanders the streets.

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#117259 Name: Leonardo Umbra
Nickname: Shadow or Hunter
Appearence: medium length Brown hair
Clothing: Dirty Trench Coat, Black Shirt, Grey hiking boots and Grey Hiking trousers
Weapons: 3 Short Throwing Knifes and a Sliver lined Dagger
Abilities: Necromancy (its his birthright) and Slight ESP (extra sensory Perception)
History: A Child Lay Crying in the Rubble As the Shadow Devoured His Parents. The Rain beated Down Heavily on the Lonely Child His Family where gone Devoured by that monster.
The child Laid Down Its Head and Awaited its Death The police found him And brought him to a Warm Station. They Asked Who or What killed his Family The Boy Cried. and screamed. it was the Shadow. The police Did not Believe him. Fear they Said does Strange things to the mind. But it was not Fear that killed his parents.

Leonardo's Grandfather Came to pick him up. the grandfather was a tough old man Who would not take no for a awser. He trained the child In Combat And use of Knifes. why he trained the Child Not many people Know But the Child Knew He would be able to defend himself and others From the malicouse Shadows that plagued the Streets.
however. one day When Leonardo walked downstairs To Train there was a note.

I'm sorry but i cannot train you it has become apparent to me that you are a Necromancer.
One of the strongest in your Clan You Can literally Feel Death And Despair And you Can wield It
maybe your the one who is to save us from the shadows and the demons that plague us i have
no Clear view So I ask You To Study by Yourself The house is Yours I no longer need it.
train Yourself Fight the darkness. I hope You Don't Let us down Child.

5 years later
2014 Oxford UK

Leonardo Touched The Last Remnants of the dead body. Images Flashed into his mind of the persons
Last moment's of Death It was a shadow and a Evil one at That. Leonardo placed his hand of the Ground if he was near the dead body he could find what killed it within a mile. (its quite Straining to do so as is all necromancer things if u do it to much You become tainted)
Its Their In the Back-ally. Shadow Brandished His dagger and smiled The Hunt Had Begun

Other: The more Death in the area the stronger his necromancy Powers get.
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#117262 (I really like your characters guys. i suppose i'll start.)

I opened the door to the cafe, and stepped inside. I ordered some coffee and sat down on one of the outside tables. my hand was on my forehead and i was leaning back in my chair. i was frustrated, it's been almost two months since something happened. but i couldn't help but feel something is about to happen. i took a sip from my coffee and began walking around the streets...
By 1Charak2
#117322 on a Hunt that Took me Far away From settle oxford to the booming streets of london
The Shadow and a big one at that Had killed A Old man. This one was in the form of a large Spider.
It was relentlessly Trying To escape But It Eventually Knew it Could not run any further it turned and Attacked with Its Elongated Legs...
I swerve to the Side Dodge the first blow and the second but the third Hit And sent me Sprawling to the Floor.
I get up And Wipe the sweat from my Brow.
By Lifegrasp180
#117323 I was walking down the street when a few feet in front of me a figure flew across the street, picked himself up, and wiped sweat off his brow.
Then, i looked to my left and saw a large spider shadow. "I guess this day wont be as dull as I thought" I said to myself. I took one last drink of my coffee and threw the cup down. I stood for a moment to analyze the situation. nodding my head, i stood in between the shadow and the man. I stuck my arm out to my side and bringing it up in a vicious uppercut, in that instant a pillar of stone was forced up from the ground and flipped the spider onto it's back. in the shadows current form it was incapable of moving and therefore was unable to attack. i then nod to the man and say "all yours". I then continue my walk down the street.
By 1Charak2
#117326 After the earth Elemental Fliped the Spider...

I pulled out my silver dagger As i cut its Throat...
it instantly Dispersed into shadows.
That boy Hes something i thought to myself.

i walk into a backally following That man
By Lifegrasp180
#117327 I could feel the man's presence behind me. I stopped and turned around and confirmed my suspicion. at a closer look he looked more like a teenager. "I take it i've caught your interest"? I said to him.