By 1Charak2
#118379 Cover your eyes Grandma Theses people are trustworthy.
she wraps the bandanna around her eyes once more.
i walk over to Patrick and ahkito. Get up now.

She has a rare condition that is in my family bloodline. Basilisk eyes Everyone who looks at her eyes falls dead in seconds. those of the bloodline are immune.
She said she will care for you if you follow her rules. their quite strict so listen up.

Don't enter the basement
Don't walk outside of your rooms after dark
do not Touch the 3rd door in the corridor
and number 4 be nice to the guest who is coming.

i walk away to my room. a familer scent wafts throw the air.
Bacon. i sit down at my desk and read. for something intrigues me about ahkito
By Lifegrasp180
#119212 (sorry it took so long guys. I had quite a bit of stuff to deal with.)

I brush the dust off myself as i get up off the ground. the old woman had replaced the bandanna over her eyes. "hello" i said to her, waving and smiling cheerily. i immediately dropped the smile and turned towards ahkito "so he chose his gradma's house for our safe haven?" i said. and she has the abilities of a basilisk..." great, just great". i then proceed to sit down in a chair.
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By Burgy
#119219 As Pat sat down I followed suit and just sat down on the ground. It was cold and felt good compared to the heat inside of the Necromancer's bubble.
I decided this was a perfect time for meditation, so I started meditating. This day has been the wierdest by far in a couple of years now.
By 1Charak2
#119235 I wake up Damn that mother ******* I lay trapped in Cave in Hell Its self ive been locked up for 16 hours now.
After i defeated that spider shadow He had to show up and cart me right off to hell didn't he.
He then disguised as me took my powers and my weapons even my Pet shadow.
I looked down at my Disgusting rags covered in muck and grim.
I tried summoning a shadow to break out All that came was a small shard way to small to be lethal and not small enough to pick a lock.
i looked up at the tough skinned guards not sharp enough either.

I think that the cause is hopeless that their is no way out
He He would soon gain Control of deaths powers.
he and his snake grandmother. Damn you Hades Damn you.

I hear a noise I look behind me.
sitting their happily is my pet shadow.
Umbra thank god you realized and not a moment too soon
Do you still have some of my power inside of you.
it nods it head Good. we can put it to use

I can't take back necrotic energy once its fused to a shadows being But it does have another Use like temporarily make the shadow exceptionally powerful.
Ok boy its time for a jail break. unleash that energy now.

at once a shadow aura surrounds Umbra he grow Bigger his short stubby paws Turn into wings his feet into talons his body starts to take a more material form.
Feathers Form Dark Crimson like blood He opens his purple Eyes. The shadow Phoenix Screeched

Hell its about time. I crawl onto its back. It flaps its great elongated wings. It burst off the cage bars the guards launch their crossbows. the bolts impale the bird but the wounds heal instantly we flew through the archs we came close to the gate of purgatory almost flew in but at the last minute we flew straight up towards the Mouth of the cavern I watched in horror.
as the Feathers slowly started to disappear we flew out of hell just as the pheonix turned back into a shadow. thanks umbra i smile at it as i put it on my head.
feeling a bit more complete i set on the 4 mile trek to the house where patrick and ahkito are

meanwhile hades was testing out necromancy and trying to fiqure out why the seed of weakness he planted in ahkito had disappeared... he was smiling death would come and then he would hold all the cards and that necromancer he stole his new powers from will be powerless