By Lifegrasp180
#117545 I heard the knocking on the door. "I guess he found us..." I said to ahkito. I promptly open the door. I didn't see anyone at first. then i look down.
"holy smokes he's knocked out" i then pick him up and carry him on my shoulder. then i lay him on the bed...

"i guess we got a third one already" I say to myself.
By 1Charak2
#117547 The Shadows around me turn razorsharp at lifes Touch.

They cut anything. they can make anything bleed.

I Fall into a deep Sleep the shadows Wraithing round me like a black guardian
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By Burgy
#117555 "By the way, what's your name?" Asked Patrick.

But before I could answer there was sharp knocking km the door and when Pat opened it up, the necromancer was out Cole on the floor.
"First, I'm Akhitio, Nice to meet you and second, what the hell! How did he find us and what did this to him?"
By Lifegrasp180
#117560 I tapped into my knowledge of necromancers "he put part of his shadow in me so he was able to follow us to the hideout, the answer to your second question is that he wasted lots of his energy on the magic he used on us. such as reading our memories and moving his shadow".
"also don't touch him". I warned "his shadow turns razor sharp at any contact with living flesh. I was able to get him into the bed before his shadow decided if i was made of rocks or not.
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By Burgy
#117562 "Oh ok then. So, what should we do know? Will he survive this?"

So many questions were racing through my mind, why was he following us, why did he go to such trouble to almost kill himself, if he dies; what then? My mind was racing almost as fast as my feet could.
I decided that I better not flood Patrick with questions so I kept these to myself because surely he wouldn't know much about this man.

(Currently drawing our characters 8D)
By Lifegrasp180
#117563 No, he won't die he just needs to sleep for awhile...
in the meantime i still have not eaten anything. so i need to get some food ready
I then walk to the kitchen and begin to get out food to cook
By 1Charak2
#117564 I wake Up.

The Black guardian Creature turns back into the tame shadow that was following me.
Hello again.
sorry for sending you away.
You can stay.