By 1Charak2
#117745 its a common principal in necromancers Teleport short distances via a shadow. But their is a way to increase the Distance. but it takes a while to set up and only the necromancer can use it. But as i have figured out once by accident before. anything that has a fragment of that necromancers Soul can travel that gate as well.

and Since the only way a necromancer can transfer his soul is To impale someone with a one of their shadows Thats the only way you can travel the gate Patrick already has a part of my soul in his body. and this pet shadow of mine ive been giving my energy so it can travel the gate as well. human bodies cant normally handle taking necromatic energy in its purest form

So You know what that means Don't you.
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By Burgy
#117765 Being brave isn't my strong suit. And there is airways that chance that impaling me could be fatal.
I start pacing for a bit.
Back and forth back and forth, the others started stating at me.
I'm just a kid, this is where my mortality, my weakness shows.

But this is my only way to survive, no matter what I will die, even if he doesn't impale me. I turn around after walking away from the others, look the necromancer in the eye and hold out my arms, leaving my whole body vulnerable.
"Do it now, please."_ I say...
By 1Charak2
#117771 i do it quickly and painlessly as possible. only a small pinprick of blood shows where the shadow entered. it seems Your Diffent to most people might be due to your High Viatilty rate or Summing im not sure.

I set to work opening the Gate.
The Shadows Turn sharp as i work inside the Masquarade of shadows each incarnation makes the pool of liquid darkness Moving faster.
i stop.
the incantation complete.

We have 10 minutes before its ready to go Back up lets move.
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By Burgy
#117840 OH WOW... Ouch....

Is he done? Did he do it already? I thought to myself as I looked down to my arm, it looks as if I just had a needle from the doctors. "Hey! That didn't hurt at all! You made it out to be worse than it was, haha" I said to the Necromancer.
"We're all ready here, I think." I said unsure. Pat had an uneasy look on his face but I didnt know why...
By 1Charak2
#117903 5 minutes before the portal is ready.

I start packing up some gear that we will need.

Some wolfsbane
and some other items.

maybe i should tell them who we are going to meet... at the otherside
no i won't it will only cause more panic
I close the backpack The portal is 2 minutes from being done
By Lifegrasp180
#118197 I close my eyes... to be honest I was scared. I didn't know where we were going to end up or how it was going to feel. I look uneasily at Akihito. Although it wasn't too long since I first met him I couldn't help but feel like a big brother... maybe you just get soft after a couple thousand years. I stick my hands in pockets and I shift uneasily. This feeling of helplessness makes me think too much about the first time I gained my powers... eventually I pushed my thoughts out of my head and replace my serious demeanor
By 1Charak2
#118210 The portal Hums as it Draws in Energy

It is Ready.
I jump first To test the Caliber of the jump.
It feels like my soul is being torn apart.
every molocule screams
Then stitched back togather.
I stand up In the crudely let room.

Their Sitting in a rocking Chair Is a boney old hag.
She smiles a toothless grin both here Eyes Covered with a black Bandana.
Hello Grandmother i say as i stand up
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By Burgy
#118242 The Necromancer opens a portal and its our only escape so I take a leap of faith and trust this man I just met.
The portal was a giant oval shaped cloud of mist swirling and tangling into the center of the the oval and it's mystical awe and I was drawn towards it.

As I stepped through the portal, i felt a searing pain and it coursed up my body from the tips of my toe to the top of my head.
And then nothing, the pain stopped and I saw black for a while... Then I started feeling again, from.the top down this time I gained feeling in my body again. I heard the necromancer murmur about his Grandma or something but I didn't quite catch what he said. After I regained my sight we were in a dark cold room.
The room was very small with concrete walls and only one small window, there was absolutley nothing in the room except for a wooden rocking chair that sported a withered old lady.
The lady looked very tall and very slender, it was a wonder how her whole body fit in that one small chair. She wore a dark brown shall with beige skirt and a bandana over her eyes.

I had a bad feeling that is find out who and what this lady is...
By 1Charak2
#118254 At the sight of this new arrival my grandmother roses from her chair.
She unwrapped the bandanna covering her eyes
I Throw my arm in front of ahkitos eyes
don't look at her face i murmur in his ear and don't attack her or u will bring hell upon us
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By Burgy
#118344 I quickly shield my eyes with my hood.
What is going on here, why are we here? Just then Patrick emerged out of thin air, I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

I tackled him to the ground and explained to him the situation as well as explaining what the room looks like and I considered that the Necromancer tricked us, he did this to kill us... But why did he tell me to shield my eyes...
I'm so confused at this point, is this person Medusa or something?