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#118209 Hello Everyone Welcome to my new Roleplay It was a idea that i thought of a week ago. and well its kinda grown into something awsome. so here it is:
[center]the path between the roads[/center]

[center]We thought we where ready for anything. but nothing prepared us for what happened next. A portal Opened in the skies Panic arose around the world This was unheard of Unspoken of. Angels Flew Through the portal. Not The blissful Peaceful kind The kind built for war.People said it was a coming a coming of the age of wrong they were A giant Airship. Came through the portal it radiated a light Not the-light of kindness and love but a light of judgement and punishment.
the angels Overtook the Cities of the world with relative ease the war lasted only a day. before the defenses of man crumbled like sand. people said we should be thankful for our divine overlords. they are the ones still breathing free to roam the city but the ones that refused where slaughtered and incarcerated in fuel for the ship. But when the God came so did the Devil in his blazing glory.
Demons Erupted From Caves Volcanoes Swamps. They had no soul no mercy they where wild they slaughtered everything They delighted in blood Sacrifices cultists worshiped them. the devil himself had eyes and ears everywhere. but for some humans They did not submit to their overlords They where rebellious But they where slaughtered effortlessly The ones that survived Carved out a small town that defended itself from both sides. But All was not lost As humanity was forced against a wall They relearned something that had been long Forgotten Because of technology and Religion they relearned Magic. humanity bides its time for the next 50 years. but now Their is rebellion in the wind[/center]

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Name: Diablo Ignis
Nickname: Shadow
Age: 15
Clothing: Light Torn shirt Dirty Street Cloths (due to living on the street) ragged
Backstory: born on the street I learnt to grow up fast. them Angel officials Took members of our Group. We never saw them again. i was the last one They Came For me
The chase lasted 3 days I was forced to my limits i was exhausted. They corned me at the crossroads of the ally They slaughtered my best Friend Right in front of my very eyes. He body fell kneeling at their feet I felt energy and rage Boil Through my veins Fire Sprouted from my wrists and gathered in my hands. when i went of the trance of rage They where All Dead Charred Corpses I gave my friend a burial in the back of our den. I Swear i will Killing them Angelic and demonic ****ers
Other: His power is pyrokinesis (in his rare rages he can control the unextinguisable hell fire) and hes got a street mouth

please no godmodding/swearing (unless the swearing is bleeped)
Please don't go into extreme detail on fights (nobody needs to know about the blood)
and finally Have some fun.