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By Aichu
#119359 [center]Life Against hell.[/center]




1. No OP Talents & classes.
2. No swearing.
3. i'll be adding more soon.

[center]My application[/center]

Name:Raido Ducklings
Talent: Swordsman
Weapons: Double Katanas
Class: Fighter
Goal: Become best swordsman.
History: I was born as a naughty kid. My mom and dad were always mad at me. well i'll just say i was Devil kid.
5 Years later: I've grown and become better, i wasnt so naughty enymore and i had friends. i had cat named "Mäksu" i was stiil kinda naughty, i destroyed alot of things and doctors said i was cursed by devil , but i didnt trust them.
5 Years later: I was 10 years old , at school , i had friends, but alot of them hated me stiil. I wasnt naughty at all , only problem was i was stealing alot. and i got chased by a cop..uuhh memories right?
5 Years later: 15 years old, this is where i learned to be swordsman , i got my first little katana, i was so happy! my old cat was dead and i had new pet called "Aichu" An tiger. He's trained and i hoped we will slay some zombies or bad creatures!
5 Years later: Yeah, 20 years old , this is where i am right now, i'm proud to be swordsman and i mastered it. but i havent stiil battled someone who has swords and more. And i learned karate as 17 years old. I Was skilled , i stiil had my pet tiger , he's tamed good and trained. We are very good friends.

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By killthepast
#119464 intresting...

Name: Conner Traknma
Nickname: Cryon Prototype
Talent: Ice Controlling (will be explained)
Weapons: Crystal sword, Crystal rifle
Class: Defender/Attacker
Goal: To Live a normal life
History: Conner was born ice cold, so they thought he was dead, they sent him to the arctic, where he was adopted by wolves for 12 years, however, around this time he was still ice cold, but he could control ice, the wolves let him off by himself, but one came with him, his Name was Crixus, that's what Conner named him at least, so he left to the big city with Crixus 6 years later, he robbed a bank for some money, but they let him keep the money, as he didn't steal much, he stole enough to live on, he got a job at an office for a week, but then froze the boss by accident at age 20, he learnt to control it at age 24, he got a certain amount Armour, and some of his ice weapons, and went on a journey with crixus, his trusty companion, however his power is limited, if he uses it too much, he will faint, Collapse or even die if its too extreme

hows that!?
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By Aichu
#119467 Interesting , i guess i start.
Wakes up in a morning, gets ready to go work but he gets followed by some gangsters and starts running.
Runs into the caffe and starts doing orders..
By 1Charak2
#119490 Name: Deus Ex Machina (latin for God From the machine).
Nickname: Dux
Talent: Cyberkinesis and Electrokinesis
Weapons: Short sword And a Standard edition Spas 12 Shotgun
Class:Hunter and Hacker
Goal: To protect human and sentient machine life. and have fun doing so
History: i was Abandoned at birth seen as a weak child. A Sentient machine known as a Dai Took me back to their underground village I was placed in a rejuvanation capsule because i suffered internal damage from the cold I could hear and feel the energy of the machine i was in after a year i was taken out. and raised along with the other new robots.
at 7 years old my powers began to manifest i fixed a old robots arm Just by thinking of the parts flying together and the energy running through them.
that was the time i received my name I was refered as a god (for fixing the arm that was seen as impossible) and since i came from the rejuvanation capsule. i was named
Dues Ex Machina aka (God from the machine) . i was let out into the world at 13 and ive been protecting human kind ever since (more on the backstory later)
By 1Charak2
#119499 I see a gang of thugs following a man at once i jump off the rooftops.
I land causing a small crater and shoot the gang leader in the chest
now the part where you run i say smiling
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By Aichu
#119507 Turns around and takes his katanas out,
huh? how did they die?
looks around and screams
come out !!
By 1Charak2
#119512 the other gang members run away as i see the man with the katanas I rush forwards.
and at point blank i electrocute him
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By Aichu
#119514 Screams OUCHHHHHHH
Ow that was awful , what was that? is someone near me? COME BATTLE ME!!!
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By killthepast
#119600 i walk into the middle of a warzone, and almost gets shocked

Please...(Crixus starts growling)

Down Crix... (i send a powerful ice blast at the both of them)

What is going on!?
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By Aichu
#119615 Gets hit
Starts running towards Conner and starts fighting