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#120249 Hello! Welcome to the world of RotDA, a brand new Role Play for us to enjoy. Lemme explain what's going on:

• Background:
The Human race lived in moderate peace for millennia, until the day THEY came. Foul, corrupt beings titled the "Tainted Ones" emerged from a large crevice, a gate to the Underworld, Hell, etc. These beings, averaging about Eight feet tall, have been savaging our pristine world, and regular weapons like guns seem to have no effect. Luckily, our people have a deity, simply referred to as "The Truth" or "Truth". The Truth blessed one man with the control over all four basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. That savior was able to finally defeat countless Tainted beings, but our luck ran dry quickly. The Truth, seeing the new unbalanced lifestyle of the Savior, who practically bathed in his newfound wealth, destroyed the man, breaking his soul into countless pieces, and flinging them across the globe. Special families, all with a particular relationship to Truth, were gifted with the soul pieces. Every aspect of the original Savior were divided, so each family was blessed with a certain skill. We call those families Alchemists. Oddly enough, if you can read this, YOU are an Alchemist. Since it is a very rare gift, many envy and shun away those families. You will all be taught to use your abilities, but in due time. Luckily, the Truth has blessed us Alchemists with a very special gift: Basic Knowledge of Alchemy. Even if your family was given the aspect of Craftsmanship, you still possess the ability to bend the world to your will with Alchemy.

• Join the Cause!
We, the Arcane Society, are a large group of Alchemists, but we need to band together as many as possible. Most of you. In America know about the Grand Canyon. That is the Crevice of Erebus, or a crack in the world leading to what lies beneath. We need as many as possible to plug up this hole, or perhaps venture inside to defeat it's horrors. However, this requires you all to "Sign-Up". Just fill out this basic form and we'll get you your very one Arcane Badge, along with a few lessons. However, there are a few rules:
- Your Character cannot be considered OP in any way. If you are strong Magically, then you must have other faults to balance it out.
- You are not to repeat an element. Each Alchemical Family passes their gift down to only one child, meaning that you cannot have the exact same skill as someone else.
- You cannot have specifically one of the four elements, as those are the most pure and powerful elements.
- You cannot automatically know each feature to Alchemy. You always start as a Novice.

Got the rules down pat? Good. Onto the form:
- Name [REQUIRED]:
- Gender [REQUIRED]:
- BRIEF Description of Appearance [RECOMMENDED]:
- Emotional Characteristics [REQUIRED]:
- Family Worth [POOR, RICH, DECENT]:

And there you go. I might as well give you my information, even though I am a slightly higher rank than you all. My stuff will be in a spoiler at the bottom of this post.

If you've read all this, thank you. I hope you've recognized a few references to Full Metal Alchemist, but this is our new world. Welcome to the Realm of the Dark Arts, teaching children how to blow stuff up since the dawn of time. Feel free to create a character, but PLEASE use basic RP rules: No controlling NPC's TOO much. No going out of character without using (parenthesis). Don't be a general jerk. Swearing is allowed, just don't overuse this privilege.

My Info:
Name [REQUIRED]: Tobias (Toby. If you DARE call my Tobias...)
- Gender [REQUIRED]: Male
- BRIEF Description of Appearance [RECOMMENDED]: Black Hair with small streaks of White, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Roughly 5'8". Wears black jeans with gold trims, a white T-Shirt with an Alchemical Circle in it. Blue, sleeveless jacket with a hoodie overtop. Aviator style a Glasses with light blue frame and dark grey lenses. Large scar across my left cheek.
- Alchemical Element [OPTIONAL, IF NOT CHOSEN, THEN YOU GET WHATEVER I CHOSE]: Lightning/Storm
- Bio [STRONGLY RECOMMENDED]: One day, I received a letter in the mail. As I opened it, I noted the strange symbols. Russian? No. Chinese? Not at all. My tongue, knowing what to do, slips out a simple phrase, "Trae", and the symbols turn into functional letters. Reading the letter with extreme caution, I read messages speaking of Tainted Ones, the Truth, the False Savior, and the Arcane Society, all of which unfamiliar. Ripping the letter to shreds, I threw the remnants into the sewer to be disposed of. Later, as I slept, I got a creeping suspicion of being watched, and ducked to the side of my bed as a blast of Purple-Gray flames burned a hole in my wall, leaving pinkish stains where my bed was just moments before. Glaring at me was a pair of Black Eyes, not the injured ones, but streaks of black with a more intense and darker color in the middle of it. Around it was the body of my Mother, with purple dust flowing around her, as if she stood in a Whirlpool of it. Her body, the same I used to comfort myself against when I was young, was pale as Edward from Twilight. Her hands, the same devices who cooked dinner for us each night, raced to grab my throat. Panicking, I did what I promised myself I'd never do again: I summoned a small batch of sparks between my fingers. Thrusting my fist into her — no, it's — stomach, I heard my mother's final words "You tore... You tore the... Protection Seal. It was... " she started coughing up pink blood, "on the parchment." As she muttered her last sentence, I watched as my only parent, as my dad had passed after giving me "The Gift", faded away, surrendering to the Underworld. Shortly after, the Alchemists came, but it was too late. My mother's final act was to slap me for tearing the seal, but the Taint created a large gash on my cheek. Now, I'm here, done being trained in the basic arts, ready to train you.
- Emotional Characteristics [REQUIRED]: Depressed, as I have seen both my mother and several other people killed by or possessed by the Tainted Ones. Energetic as my sparks. I guess some would call my behavior "Extreme Bipolar Disease".
- Family Worth [POOR, RICH, DECENT]: Decent-Poor.
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#120261 - Name [REQUIRED]: Deus (this name is a good name)
- Gender [REQUIRED]: male
- BRIEF Description of Appearance [RECOMMENDED]: Short Dirty hair Ragged T shirt Ripped shorts (poor begger wear)
- BRIEF Bio [STRONGLY RECOMMENDED]: They killed them They killed Them. THEY KILLED THEM. Calm down i said to the boy. He was in shock and terror. His family had been murdered By those Tainted Things I had to see it all through my own eye i was too late to save any of them. The boy reached out and pulled out a sword from the rubble He impaled himself. i had failed. I lay them in a line under the rubble. they where the 2nd this month to die. I lay in a ally way. reflecting over the past. How i failed twice how i have no parents.
I hear footsteps In fear The metal around me Raises into sharp Points. The man Stopped and threw a letter at my feet. I hear more footsteps in the other direction and creeping slowly down the Corridor is a Hunter tainted With its long Tube like tong for sucking out vital organs. It lept at me As i commanded the metal spikes to fly at it. many missed but some hit it on the leg But it was not down. I ran and in pure fear not knowing what i was doing. most of the metal from the surrounding houses attacked the creature. it died with blood pouring from its wounds. that man was gone their was only a letter. i put a sheet of metal over my head as i began to read... Alchemy the truth What is this Some prank.
but a part of me longed to check it out as it would give me break from the harsh city life
- Emotional Characteristics [REQUIRED]: PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after seeing so many horrifying things... try to be happy most of the time. but gets extremly mad when someone or something dies
- Family Worth [POOR, RICH, DECENT]: Poor
By 1Charak2
#120520 (ill guess ill start)

the cold wind blows through the ally way The tainted will be back at dusk. I start packing my gear.
2 small metal balls.
a knife for chopping up meat and whittling.
and finally the letter.
i pack lightly because that all i own in the entire world no more no less.
i start walking with the metal balls in hand. and make them levitate with my ability to manipulate metal. i smile.
as i leave the allyway into the big city
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#120569 I sit at the curb of my street, waiting for any familiar face. Not long after, van pulls up infrint of me. The sliding door, opens immediately and a muscular man pulls me inside.
Stranger: "Sorry we couldn't save Emily — I mean your Mom. You're Tobia-"
"Toby. Leave it at Toby."
"Okay... Toby. I'm Chris, a member of the Arcane Society. I'm the expert in all things Carbon." To demonstrate he puts his hand on the wall of the van and a window of solid diamond forms.
"WOAH! My dad said, before he... You know... Passed, that I will get the gift of Storms."
"Third Tier, eh? Pretty rare we find one of your classification. I guess you could call me Eighth Tier, pretty low on the Elemental Scale. Steven, the guy driving us, uses Sound. He's Fourth Tier, but the power of it made the Truth create him Blind. All of us have or will get a drawback to our lives. Me? I lost my heart. Not the red-gushy one, but the sense of love. That was the cost for my element."
"Will I lose something?"
"Most likely. Get some rest now." After saying that, Chris pulled out a blanket and pillow. "We've got one kid further into the city to pick up, so it'll give you time to sleep."
By 1Charak2
#120585 i sit on the curb waiting for something.
metal has impurity so do people.
as The balls in my hand melt and mold togather then back to balls agian.
i remember a tale from a hobo in the back ally
about the truth.
and the original four elements but in some societys their is a fifth element : metal.
it just means metal has some power. hopefully...
i hear a van clinking metal "What the hell" i say as i look at it tearing down the street
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By Rzxa
#120648 The Rzxa application
- Name [REQUIRED]: Harry Potty
- Gender [REQUIRED]: Male
- BRIEF Description of Appearance [RECOMMENDED]: Brown Hair,Glasses,Brown Jacket,brown Pants, and brown shoes
- BRIEF Bio [STRONGLY RECOMMENDED]:Harrry Potty is from a poor family in a town called Dragonlord Beast
The town has the most mineral in the whole lands
Harry Potty goes out from the town to have adventures and unspeakable things to be seen
For he has the power of poop for some reason
- Emotional Characteristics [REQUIRED]:Hyper,Immaturity,gets bored easily
- Family Worth [POOR, RICH, DECENT]: Poor
I'm not sure if this is a good app but I hope you may accept me
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By Rzxa
#120797 I read a book in a library
A book about the Elementary Scale
Maurine seems to be in the lowest tier
I wonder why My Alchemical Element is Maurine ,but it seems like I can make Maurine Golems and Maurine Spell shields. It's seems like Maurine is a defensive type of Alchemical Element since I can only use defense spells
I step down and venture more out of the town that I came and stayed for last 2 months it's a very boring town even it's people there is no fun here
I then run very fast so I can get out of the town.