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#121248 (Feel free to make a TaintPedia, I don't see why not. Also, for the Alchemical Gift, you can be an exception. I just wanted to understand everything and straighten the divine mess out.)

Sneaks into the library, the spell for the Elemental Sword fresh in my mind. Deciding to conceal myself until the bitter end, I wait behind a stack of books, concealed. As the Tainted one approaches it's target, I stand, confident.
"My mother told me," I started, "that each person has a Life Song, a little tune that is played by your soul when you die. It has a more soothing feel when you lived a good life, but also a horrid one if you lived a cruel one. Let us test for yours."
After finishing my statement, I focus a lot of energy into my left hand's fingertips, then passing my mother hand over it, clenching it soon after, forming a sword of storms. With a quick slash, the Taint is struck, but it's armor withstands the blow.
"I cannot be defeated with my Armor. Nearly impenetrable, although someone of your skill could never crack it." The Tainted One hissed.
"I guess we can't have you wearing that, can we now?" I said, with a wry grin. Doing the spell again, but imagining a Crowbar in place of a sword, I strip off it's plating and strike again, with my metal fist. Luckily, I quickly transmuted the fist part of the synthetic arm into a blades, stabbing the Taint, quickly changing it back afterwards. Sadly, my work isn't over.
"Chris, can the man still live?" I asked, understanding it wasn't the host of the Taint's choice.
"It's nearly impossible." He responded.
"Good enough for me." I finish, placing my hand on the wounded man's chest. Without hesitation, my mind is whisked elsewhere.
"You are either very stupid or insanely brave." The Truth scolds, pointing with my arm. "In either case, you need the spell. Just imagine spiritually sucking the poison out of a snake bite. Take the Taint upon yourself, giving this man a proper life. It is like cancer: his life will never be the same, but he has the chance to live on. Saint, your positive spirit, will grow immensely from your selfless act. That growth is what will help to tame the Taint absorbed. Don't die, my friend."
I snap back into reality with a jolt. Concentrating heavily, I watch as the color is brought back to the man's face, leaving his Irises tinted Purple, as a reminder. Then I remember we came here to save someone else.

"I'm Tobias," I said, introducing myself to the new Alchemist. Reaching out my hand, I smile gleefully.

By 1Charak2
#121267 Looking at the Carcass of the Hellguard I marvel at its plates. able to withstand Elemental energy I am about to take a piece of the armor to study.
when a book tells me to stop.
looking at it with wonder i pick it off the Shelf A small white orb appears hovering above the book.
"so your interested in knowing about the tainted monsters" it says with a thick British accent "take this book its my life's work it automatically writes itself when you encounter taint. plus the symbol on the front page can seal away most forms of taint for short periods so the book can study it more"

why me i eye the orb with suspicion "because you my dear fellow i just read your thoughts and your gonna need this in the future and even though i just meet you i trust you don't let me down and fill this book with knowledge that is my last request" the orb disappears with a shimmer

I look down at the front of the book The title which reads A documentation on the tainted species. By Arthur Theodore Roseabel.
The book notes down the hell guard and the hunter tainted i encountered earlier
"this is intriging" i say smiling

(link to book here ... slide=id.p)
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#121451 (Could you make the document public? It says I don't have access.)

Walks around the library, looking for anything on Alchemy, when an leather-bound book catches my attention. 'Alchemical Artifacts' as it's title, I open the cover and flip to the first page.

The first object is the Dark Mirror, an antique looking glass that you would wish for anything within reality and it will grand your wish, at the cost of your life. Humble, but not helpful to me.

The next thing to catch my attention is the Ki Ring, a pie of jewlry that would shoot a burst of energy from your finger sip, like a finger gun, fueled by both spirits inside you, Saint and Taint. However, you can only use it once a day. Pretty nice, but the book doesn't supply a location.

Something I almost flipped past was the Philosopher's Stone, a crimson jewel said to contain infinite energy, usable for a source of Alchemy instead of Taint. My jaw dropping a little bit as I read my hopes were dashed as I saw how to create one: A special Alchemical Circle with human sacrifices within it. Their lives will be thrown away to create the jewel. The more souls, the larger the power of the Philosopher's stone. Looking for existing locations, I noted how there was one, the size of a fist, in a Vault within the Arcane Society's HQ.

The last object I cared to look at for now was the Elemental Katana. It was a sacred blade, said to have been owned by the Savior himself, that will react to only a strong soul. Anyone could wield it as a sword, but only it's new owner could use it's properties. Sadly, this artifact did not come with a location, although it was said that the hilt of it was cloth weaves from onyx around a Philospher's Stone. This artifact was very intriguing. Deciding to look into it more later, I slip the librarian a few diamonds, made from Chris's Carbon Abilities, and walk back to the van. As I make my way there, someone bumps into me, but it doesn't seem like a coincidence.
"Hello, Tobias." The woman hissed. "It has been so long, so very long, since I've seen you."
Recognizing her nearly immediately, I shout "Less than a day ago, you tried to blow me to bits!" Summoning my sword again, I run it through her, my Mother, as she began to swirl with the power of Taint.
"Oh, but you've created this. You only fueled me with your desires. Now, which of your friends shall I kill first? Maybe the boy at the table? Or perhaps the one reading a book?"
"SHUT UP YOU DEMON!" I shout, ditching my sword, then placing my hands in her stomach, willing the stormy clouds to strike her. The sky does not disappoint, as she is lit up with the power of lightning. I can almost see the pain in her eyes, as if she didn't just attempt to murder me.

Dusting off my shirt from the purple blood, I calmly go into the van and start to weep.
By 1Charak2
#121479 I walk towards the charred remains of tobys mother the taint clouds swirling around the carcass regenerating it to perfect condition
"what are you" i say looking at it with disgust
i hear Prometheus voice in my head "its a Deaths hand one of a kind it stops her dying and possess's her at the same time"
is their anyway to stop it i ask "no its like cancer it needs a host to be apparent the only way to stop it affecting her is to move it to someone else"
What about me "what no Boy you cannot your the last metal alchemist if we lose you all is lost" I know that's why i am doing this I trust the other alchemists to find a way to remove it but for now I will be its host It will hurt no one no longer "ok child i trust you Make the alchemical seal on ur hand It will possess you and then control in about 30 seconds after that" ok I draw the seal on my hand At once the taint clouds drift towards me and enter through my hand I stumble to the door at least one of us will live i say Smiling as i faint as the taint possess me like a ragdoll"

btw tyou can access the taint pedia thing now
By NinjaBoss315
As Steven runs over to help you, I sit in the back of the van. In a flash, a familiar shape is infrint of me.
"Hello, Tobias. Thought I'd visit your realm instead of you visiting mine. Your friend is going to need a place to stay, and quickly. A few minutes for here, another friend of mine owns a Hotel. Just tell him you are sent from me and I bet he'll fix you a room or two." The Truth says, with a friendly smile.

In minutes, we're in the lobby of the Prideful Lion Hotel, a five star facility if I've ever seen one.
"You're friend'll be fine." The owner tells me. "I'm Victor, master of Force. Retired Alchemist. Owner of the Vector Spells." Telling me more and more information, he leads me outside into the courtyard, which he immediately makes clear of residents. He pats a bench, signaling for me to sit down.
"Ya know, kid, the Truth isn't half bad of a guy." He tells me.
"I'm quite familiar with that idea. He's been teaching me the entire way." I respond.
After a small gap of time, Victor looks at the sky and mutters "Are you sure? Fine." Turning back to me, he says, more confident. "I'm one of the Divine Traits. All diving beings have their own versions of Saint and Taint. Taint is broken into Seven Pieces: Pride, Wrath, Envy, Greed, Lust, Sloth, and Gluttony, which mortals call the Seven Deadly Sins. Saint is made into: Joy, Diligence, Faith, Love, Courage, Peace, and Justice, or the Seven Divine Virtues. Divine Beings can entrust those traits to a champion, such as myself. When I was being trained, the Truth was reminded of when he was a man, and eventually gave me the secret of the Vector Spells, his favorite list of spells from when he was Mortal. Knowing I had a very powerful Saint, he gave me one of his Seven Sins, Pride. However, being one of these attributes isn't good. The Savior was gifted with all of the Truth's Virtues. When the Savior became greedy for power, he asked the Truth for Greed, and was given it. However, being over half of a God, he imploded with Arcane Essence. That is our history. Prometheus has the same attributes, which he can lend out. Your friend will probably get one, but you never know." He explains, as I sit patiently.

"I'll teach you— no, I will give you all the knowledge I possess of the Vector Spells if you can beat me in a simple challenge." Victor finishes, a smirk on his face. Waving his hands to opposite sides of the circular courtyard, two Ebony plates appear in the shape of arrows, pointing at the opposite one. Flicking a bit of gum to one of the plates, the gum is bounced off towards the other plate with a high velocity.
"This is how the Truth tested me. What you do is you stand behind one, I stand behind the other. We both step on the plate. In the air, we get mere moments to attack each other with a sword. We've got healers here that would take my place as Pride if I didn't exist, so we'll be fine." Victor explains, pulling out an Ebony Rapier, used for fencing. I summoned my sword and stepped behind my plate.
"Tobias, use the wind. Once you are in the air, it is your battlefield." A voice called out to me, not strictly the a Truths, but a bit deeper, perhaps emotionally injured.

"Ready?" Victor yelled, getting a simple reply of yes. "Go!"

It only took a moment for it to end, but it felt longer, he clearly had more experience, as his Rapier tore hole after hole in my shirt, gushing small bits of blood. However, at one point, I managed to send my lightning sword through his lower abdomen. Forcing him to majorly bleed. Once we landed, medics came in and healed us in no time.

With a bandage around his stomach, he looked at me with a wild expression, as if I hadn't almost gutted him like a fish. Without a word, he handed me a leather bound book, entitled "VECTOR". Reading it thoroughly, I learned the Alchemy he used to create the Vector Plates, or so they were called. Apparently, Vector was all about creating a massive amount of forwards momentum without requiring much energy, which reminded me of Nuclear Fusion, where atoms crashed at the speed of light, creating mountains of energy almost out of him air.

"Just so you know," Victor said, "The Truth is waiting." Touching my forehead, Victor forced me into sleep, bringing me to the Truth's home.
"Good job today, Tobias." He said, honestly
"Thanks, but this felt like a side quest. Where is the Elemental Katana?" I asked, annoyed.
"I can't give it to you yet, as it's previous owner hasn't died. However, I have a just as large gift for you. You have an immensely powerful Saint within you, so I can entrust you with one of my Sins. I name you, Tobias, Son of Storms, Wrath of the Truth. I can imagine your friend is having a similar dream. Also, I'd like to bring you to a friend." The Truth exclaimed. Summoning a dark blue portal the size of a door frame, the Truth walked through, ushering me in.

On the other side wasn't what I expected. Prometheus, a minor but existent deity, sat in a wicker chair on a stone tablet. The tablet included a large circle, with a star inside, and odd runes around the star's points. A Pentagram, I thought.
"Yes." Prometheus responded. "A Pentagram, given it's reputation for devil summoning because what it does is extremely similar. This damn ring, right here, is what makes a Philosopher's Stone."

Once I looked closer, we weren't actually at the scene, and neither was Prometheus. In some dungeon somewhere underground, the ritual would begin. Several dozen prisoners were gathered onto the Pentagram, most praying to whatever deity they believed in. Red light filled the chamber as a team of Cultists chanted. In an instant, it happened. All bodies within the circle were molten, evaporated, or both. Within the center of it all rested a crimson jewel the size of a fist, a new Philosopher's Stone created.

"An evil process indeed." Prometheus said, reading my thoughts. Scooping his hand into the holographic version of the Stone, he brought out a sliver of one crimson gem. "Here," he said, "You'll need this soon, to dispatch an enemy."

The dream fizzed and I awoke.

(Sorry for the super long one, decided to put it in spoilers to save room.